Competition "New Year feast of tales"
 What is the New Year? It is a joyous celebration, cheerfulness, new hopes, dreams, and ... a fairy tale! Dear friends, the company Amway and Povarё offer you to create your own Christmas fairytale!

In this contest we invite you to create an atmosphere of fairy tales, fairy tale characters, and, of course, come up with a tasty recipe. Create one of the characters of our favorite fairy tales (along when it fashioned, sew, etc.) and come up with a dish characteristic for him. For example, Baba Yaga and soup in the pot "Drunkenness" Bag of Bones, and a dish of eggs, water and a dish of seaweed or seafood. Be creative, show your creativity!

Conditions of the competition

1. The competition is held among the recipes Site Povarё Category prescription - at the user's choice.
2. The competition is only recipes with step by step photos.
3. The recipe must contain at least three (3) step by step photos.
4. Recipe submitted for the competition must not have been previously published on the website Povarё, and according to our rules, anywhere else. The administration reserves the right to withdraw from the competition like recipes.
5. Recipe submitted for the competition must not be published on other sites before the end of the contest. The administration reserves the right to withdraw from the competition like recipes.
6. Recipes rights are not owned by the user to place them in the competition are not involved. The administration reserves the right to delete these recipes from the site.
7. Prerequisites: the recipe must be present fairy tale characters (user selectable), the dish should characterize the selected character.
8. The recipe should be placed in the category that corresponds to the ingredients of dishes.
9. Number of recipes from one participant - is not limited. However, the number of wins recipes may be only one material from one user.
10. In the recipe must specify the desired purpose of the contest "New Year's feast of fairy tales." The competition will take part only those works in which noted the appointment.
11. Recipes winners chosen by an independent jury, which consists of the administration Povarё (Jane, IvLim, Svetlana) and representatives of the company Amway, relying on their own subjective judgments about the quality recipes.
12. The competition can not participate Povarё administration officials and their relatives. This restriction does not apply to the project moderators.

pay attention : It is a restriction of competition in the region delivering prizes! Free delivery of prizes is carried out only within Russia. If you live outside of Russia - the tender may prize will be delivered to your relatives or friends in our country.

Recipes are accepted from November 30 to December 30, 2010   (inclusive)
The competition results will be announced: January 10, 2011 .

 Competition "New Year feast of tales"

For the winners of the company Amway has provided the following prizes:

1st place - Ware iCook - A set of utensils for cooking pasta

 Competition "New Year feast of tales"

2nd place - Ware iCook - Basic Kit

 Competition "New Year feast of tales"

3rd place - Ware iCook - Set pans

 Competition "New Year feast of tales"

Other prizes   - 10 participants will receive a free set of tools for the care of the kitchen (DISH DROPS Dishwashing and metal sponge-purpose cleaners and detergent for dishes LOC, cleaner kitchens and cleaning agent for ovens)

 Competition "New Year feast of tales"

Complete rules of the contest - there

Author: Julia Gnedina