L`Occitane Paeonia
 Paeonia - this is a new fragrance brand Loksitan French, who appear in May 2010. peony flower, magical and delicate, inspired perfumers to create new items. According to ancient legend, Paeonia - so-called fairy beauty that even the gods envied. Because of envy, they have turned to a fairy flower, which we today call the peony.

Since then and until today has become a symbol of the beauty of the peony, and its aroma is intoxicating, charms and seduces.

Paeonia from L`Occitane - this toilet water, of course, it is the central notes peony. But the composition is enriched with new motifs. The top notes of flavor - bergamot, grapefruit, in the "heart" - peony, rose petals, while the base notes - sandalwood and musk.

Fragrance is in the amount of 75 ml. Besides the attractive bottle of rose, Paeonia from L`Occitane - a small perfume range, which includes: roller perfume, shower gel, body lotion, soap and body powder.

 L`Occitane Paeonia

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina