Make-up - is not just a beautiful ...
 ... It's very nice - I want to continue. But we do not know. Make-up - it is not just an opportunity to make themselves beautiful and enrich its image. We have found new reasons why you should often use decorative cosmetics.

1. The ability to express individuality.   Using makeup, every woman has the opportunity to try and experiment. And also feel individual. So many shades of lipstick, so many shadows and nail polish! And we - the mistress of all this wealth!

2. Protection of the skin.   Make-up allows us to provide skin protection. In the summer - from the sun, in the winter - from the cold and wind. Use this beautiful protected!

3. Correction of the face.   If you have, do you think there are any flaws in the person, the right to choose makeup helps neutralize them. To correct the shape of the face, oval eyes and increased even slightly reduce the spout.

4. Always diversity.   Use make-up - it's never boring. It's easy and not tiring. On the contrary, it is a small and such a pleasant way to add variety to your life, not depressed and did not hang up his nose. But shopping for a new make-up and all can return to a life of anyone!

5. The use of make-up allows you to regularly clean the face.   Those who use decorative cosmetics, make-up remover just have to do every day before going to bed. Nobody likes to go to bed with makeup on his face. It allows women more likely to pay attention to procedures such as peeling and facial massage.

6. Affordable anti-age.   If you are using modern products of decorative cosmetics, you are able to have in the beautician caring and anti-aging agents. Now even mascara and ordinary lip gloss can be a part of anti-aging serum and helpful caring extracts.

Author: Julia Gnedina