Oriflame and Ani Lorak are desk Lengthening Mascara Infinity
 Great appearance is unthinkable without the perfect makeup. Every detail is important: smooth skin, even tone, a clear outline of the lips and, of course, accurate eye makeup. To be 100% confident in the integrity of eyelashes even in the evening will help the new Infiniti Persistent lengthening mascara.

Ani Lorak: "Artist's Life - is publicity, so - big responsibility. My day fit into a busy schedule: endless travel, meetings and rehearsals. In the morning I go to the shooting for a glossy magazine in the afternoon to give an interview on the music radio, and in the evening perform in the show program . There can not do without cosmetics counter. Mascara Infiniti   It became for me a real salvation. It rests on the eyelashes in the morning until the evening, and never let me down. My lashes look great all day long, no matter what happens! "

 Oriflame and Ani Lorak are desk Lengthening Mascara Infinity

If you lead an active lifestyle and your life is full of events, if you need to look perfect all day long, if you do not have time to regularly touch up makeup, the Infiniti   - Your mascara. Do not have to worry and check, not blurry or crumbled whether ink stamped morning resistant lengthening mascara Infiniti Do not lose their properties until the evening.

Mascara Infiniti   - this…
· Persistent formula: mascara does not contain solvents, and provides long-lasting protection against blurring, rolling and abscission carcasses within 12 hours in any situation.
· Lengthening: special technology and texture, thanks to which the ink increases if each eyelash, provides additional length and not showered for a long time.
· Glossy color: in the carcass includes saturated pigments which provide lashes resistant glossy color.
· Plastic brush: a unique plastic brush with arranged in 3 rows of bristles ensures even application of mascara and visually increases the length of eyelashes by 45%.

 Oriflame and Ani Lorak are desk Lengthening Mascara Infinity

Persistent lengthening mascara Infiniti
Gives lashes resistant glossy color and a great length of the day. Thanks to a special plastic brush lashes look up to 45% longer and are protected from smudging and shedding the carcass until the evening. Gentle formula for sensitive eyes. Approved by ophthalmologists. 8 ml.
Price: 280 rubles.

Persistent lengthening mascara Infiniti   on sale from 11 October 2010.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila