The cheapest ways to be beautiful
 Beauty - a profitable business, so every step we are surrounded by attractive advertising tools and services offered to spend money on beauty. But also undeniable that it is possible to remain young and beautiful without spending a fabulous amount.

Do you agree with our most inexpensive ways to be beautiful:

- Smile - a simple way to beauty.   Smiling, you have to imagine people smiling faces prefer to others and recognized by all beautiful and cute.

- Drink water.   Drinking water flushes toxins from your body. Your skin will glow, your hair will shine and you will feel all the better!

- A toothbrush and dental floss at hand.   Morning and evening, and after every meal they will be useful. Tube of toothpaste and toothbrush - it's a lot cheaper than the bill for dental care.

- Wash your hair every other day.   This is optimal for the condition of the hair. And not as ruinous as daily washing.

- Deep cleaning person do at home once or twice a week.   Then salon treatment you will need much less.

- Enjoy the natural color of your hair.   In addition to health, it will save a lot of money on paint, repainting, touch up ... But if you want to change - coloring shampoo - it's better than constant frantic quest NOT, hair roots.

- Buy a good manicure set It will save you a lot of money on Manicurist and pedicurist. Do yourself a manicure, it is a great pleasure and opportunity to be creative. By the way, even many Hollywood stars are not above-millionaire with his own manicure.

- Pay attention to the versatile products.   For example, moisturizing lotion, which can shoot still and makeup. Note that there are shampoos and conditioners that are also styling means.

Author: Julia Gnedina