Set for SPA-manicure French Polynesia Company ORLY
 The line, known as the creators of French Polynesia ORLY company believes firmly entered the world of beauty not only because of the excellent action of drugs in her inbox, and amazing flavors loop, they give the skin.

Another delightful novelty line of French Polynesia was the complex preparations for the SPA-manicure. Three stages of recovery, creating and maintaining beautiful hands, stipulated in the new complex, will give your hands a terrific care and excellent results:

Peeling Hand Paradise Polish is based on sugar cane crystals, rubbed Tahitian coconut extracts of pineapple and tiare flower. All this together helps to gently cleanse the rough skin of hands and its moisture. After the first stage of the hand will be much smoother and more radiant.

Hand Mask Hot Lava with thermal effect nourishes and restores the skin's moisture balance thanks to a member of the means of volcanic mud, rich in minerals. A Tahitian coconut oil and extracts of flowers tiara in her inbox, give the skin of hands, "velvet" charm.

At the end of the Polynesian "travel" creators envisaged the use of ultra-moisturizing oil Tropical Dew. Stunning regenerating formula of the drug is the healing properties of Tamanu oil, which ensures a unique moisturizing. A duo of Tahitian coconut oil and tiare flower extracts is able to envelop the skin silky veil of freshness and breathable protective layer that makes the skin not only radiant, radiating health, and protect against the negative impact of severe weather conditions.

There are three steps in the company SPA-manicure French Polynesia from ORLY enough to do to achieve relaxation, freshness and smoothness of tired skin.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila