Jubilee Polo by Ralph Lauren
 In honor of the 30th anniversary of flavor Polo for Men   Brand Ralph Lauren released a new version of the perfume titled Polo Modern Reserve. NEW appeared in Europe in February and March will go on sale in Asia and America.

Aroma inherited the quality and sophistication of the original Polo, but was a more modern tone, without losing tradition. Polo Modern Reserve - a special vintage edition, created from the highest quality ingredients.

Bineym Carlos (Carlos Benaim), who created the original Polo, worked on a new version. The composition opens with notes of cardamom CO2, freshly cut basil and pimento grains. "Heart" is built of vetiver fragrances, leather, precious myrtle and jasmine incense. Stiff "base" consists of damp wood, patchouli and suede.

The bottle is inspired by the classic jar. It is made of green glass and decorated with a gold logo Polo and gold cap.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila