The contest "Jabra: career and you"
 An innovative new product from the world leader in the development of wireless headsets GN Netcom is now able to win any user Runet. Five of Jabra Bluetooth-VT530 played in the competition in the pages of the social network myJulia.

You know the most faithful way to the top of Mount Olympus career? Or are you able to share secrets Downshifting? You know exactly how to become the most indispensable employee in the company or able to help others become better? Superiors and subordinates, beginners and aces, freelancers and office workers - this contest is for you!

Take part in competition "Jabra: career and you"   can anyone who believes that his dedicated work, career and professional development, art is able to compete for the title of the best. The competition is designed for non-professional writers and to participate in it everyone is welcome.

Five winners of the competition (three define user voting and another two will choose the jury) will receive a portable and lightweight Bluetooth-headset Jabra VT530 for mobile devices, which provides a new level of sound quality.

 The contest "Jabra: career and you"

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