Anatomy flavor: Agent Provocateur Rose Passion Massage Oil
 Agent Provocateur has released a set of three sensual massage oils in 2007, which include exciting flavors of rose, tuberose and ylang - ylang.

At first glance, it seemed to us that there is no magical secret ingredient in oils that manufacturers prefer to create discreet smells. But we were wrong. Judging from the rose oil, is set to buy. Not for nothing it is sold already and websites ...

  Rose Passion - a very nice, charming pink flavor with an implicit set of individual properties that develop with sufficient subtlety.

Rose oil offers a green and woody notes of chords with sharp citrus echoes. Additionally, it is slightly fruity. Oil is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves a sexy fragrance. It is not difficult and enjoyable to read. Well-balanced sharpness becomes a sign of extreme femininity. Also pink chords reminiscent of verbena oil.

Roja Dove - oil, based on chypre accords, which is a necessary accessory for dangerous temptresses. The fragrance smells like an independent and sexy. Rose in the composition is practically virgin, combined with fresh notes.

It is the embodiment of female sensuality, which was immortalized Hitchcockian icy blonde: Eva Maria Saint, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak ...

Rose Passion renders homage arrogant innocence characters dormant volcano. Use it if you want to convey the idea that you have something troubling and troubled.

Author: Ann, New York