Anatomy flavor: Pure White Linen Light Breeze, Estee Lauder
 Pure White Linen Light Breeze writes itself into the direct lineage White Linen (1978), which was already a version of Breeze in 1996 and adapted to modern tastes, Pure White Linen in 2006.

As every year, Estee Lauder launches its summer collection of perfumes, which are generally consistent with their seasonal flavors, but diluted with fresh notes of chords and unobtrusive, providing peace and relaxation. So, this year went Pure White Linen Summer Fun. We present a review of Light Breeze, which was released in early 2008, to once again emphasize the onset of the first spring days.

Currently, our understanding of the absolutely fresh and clean smell limited views that they are strictly codified whole school perfumers who want to capture the quintessence of purity. With this type of perfume your t-shirt will never grow old, frown or smell bad. Ozone flavors come into force at the mere touch of a thing and are incredibly persistent smell.

Considering the reason abstraction of such compounds and their functional basis, the secret of how to get these spirits? How do they manage to play such a pure fragrance? Is there such a thing as the Richter scale, measure the required level of cleanliness?

Of course, the pinnacle of purity - an attempt to portray, but rather to imitate the Christian idea of ​​purity. Considered from this perspective, Pure White Linen White Breeze - not a model of cleanliness in the literal sense, but in another example of purity, more sublime sense, it aims to reach the gates of paradise and capture the ethereal essence of divinity. Cleanliness - next to godliness, we say.

The aroma is very holy, angelic, but at the same time sensual and feminine. He is on the verge of becoming a soul and purity here conveys the idea of ​​righteousness. Righteousness without the initial ascent to morals. With Light Breeze you are firmly bonded to the ground, you begin to think about the rest, how to always be happy and, at the same time, it is absolutely immaculate. Fragrance, like a breath of wind, slipping on the skin and instantly fills her fragrance.

This perfume will help you to live in a simple world, where everything seems to come from a new package (in other words, the dream of the modern consumer), or it will remind you of rough chores. Or, to put it more pleasant for rough chores of your grandmother? This is - the question.

Author: Ann, New York