Clarins Group starts to shine with a new license Swarovski
 Swarovski, the world's leading manufacturer of high precision crystal, signed a license agreement with Thierry Mugler Parfums, the company Clarins Group, for the creation and global sales of the first line of "Swarovski Beauty", including perfumes Swarovski, cosmetics and various accessories collection.

Release date is scheduled for 2010.

The line will be presented at the prestigious department stores, perfumeries and selected Swarovski retail stores worldwide.

Executive Director of Clarins Group, Kourtin-Clarins, Christian (Christian Courtin-Clarins) commented: "We support the same amounts of respect, tradition, expertise, innovation and independence as Swarovski. We - actually the perfect couple."

Executive member of the Board of Directors of Swarovski, Markus Langes-Swarovski (Markus Langes-Swarovski), said: "The position of Swarovski in the world market today - the result of the philosophy of the company founder, my great-great-grandfather, who continually won a victory in all market competitive competitions and created products, which expressed the poetry of precision and create joy and emotion. "

"For this project, we found a family partner that shares our philosophy and to join us to create a" Swarovski Beauty ", a luxury line, which we will be proud of."

President of Thierry Mugler Parfums, Joel Paliks (Joël Palix), adds: "Fifteen years later, after the incredible success of Angel, a new partnership - dream come true. Swarovski - truly a phenomenal brand in the world of luxury. And how exciting only imagine the unique flavor, placed in the heart of the most beautiful crystal Swarovski ".

"With" Swarovski Beauty "we will achieve the same excellence and uniqueness, as with Thierry Mugler Parfums. Our common goal is to achieve a long and stable success in the world of cosmetics."

Author: Ann, New York