Scents last
 Estee Lauder has developed a new packaging of its classic fragrance Youth-Dew, released in 1953.

Current small waisted bottle has become a powerful source of income in the late 1950s after the initial release of bath oils and cosmetic products Youth-Dew ...

Blue bottle does not replace the transparent glass bottle; this is just another version for the nostalgic and the people who love retro packaging. We have a new blue bottle, and it is a bit darker and greener than the picture shown above. The bottle is covered with a thick rubber material; it's not blue glass.

Aroma blue bottle seems a bit musky and spicy, less sweet and more amber than the perfume that we had a few years ago, but it is possible because of the age.

In fact, we are fully confident that the new version has been facilitated. It smells less "dirty" grass verge of less piquant. Rose fragrance is not abundant, but the carnation keeps its former strength. In any case, perfume seems a little dated and more youth, more fresh, emitting little heavy eastern individuality. Now it is more easy to use. Nevertheless, there remains an obvious piquant Youth-Dew.

Author: Ann, New York