The new face of Davidoff Cool Water
 Actress of the series Lost («Lost») Evangeline Lilly (Evangeline Lilly) has a new role - she became the face of fragrance Davidoff Cool Water Woman.

Actress Evangeline Lilly signed a deal with Coty Prestige, becoming the new face of brand women's fragrance Davidoff Cool Water Woman. The contract covers the markets of all countries, except the United States.

The first print and television advertising can be seen as early as July 2008.
Lily, known for her role as Kate Austen on the hit series Lost, switched to market fragrances.

Davidoff Cool Water Woman embodies freshness, sensuality and natural beauty in addition to the self-confidence and brightness are very clearly transmitted actress, according to Coty.

"For me, Cool Water Woman - the most perfect representation of female beauty I have ever seen, it is very clear harmony between purity and sensuality, creating a completely new and unexplored facets," - said Lilly.

"Davidoff Cool Water Woman was released in 1996 and since then he becomes feminine fragrance" - said Vice President of Coty Prestige Frankus Maryse (Françoise Mariez).

"With its fresh natural beauty, her independent personality and her perseverance seductive power, Evangeline Lilly - a perfect confirmation of our legendary fragrance."

Author: Ann, New York