Current advice for those who use a razor
 Despite the emergence of modern epilators and laser hair removal salon, shaving is still a popular way to remove unwanted body hair. How to make it right, that there was no irritation, and not to provoke the growth of hair? Our advice.

1. At the end of every shave, use a moisturizer. This will soothe the skin after shaving, reducing the possibility of irritation. Choose a moisturizer according to your skin type: for sensitive, dry or oily skin.

2. Shave the hair in the direction in which they grow. Do not shave against the hair growth. It just seems that it would be more effective. In fact, it only leads to unnecessary injury and discomfort. Shaving should be as soft.

3. Try different razors. All razor something different: the size, the length of the handle, the number of blades, ergonomics. You need to choose your razor, for this we must try and find the one with which you will not have any unpleasant sensations.

4. Shower Gel can sometimes replace shaving cream. Some gels are so good that they can be the "work" as a cream mud mousse shaving. There are also options 2 to 1 is when the shaving cream and shower gel are combined, it is very convenient, greatly facilitates the procedure.

5. Do not be prohibited in hard to reach places when shaving the skin to stretch a little. Speech on the armpits and groin area. Then shave to be more careful.

6. It is important that no razor was dull. This is misleading, too sharp razor dangerous. In fact, sometimes more dangerous can become dull razor, because that's what this does not shave, and can injure the skin. In addition, a dull razor is necessary to pass through the skin several times, and it is certainly not helpful and leads to irritation.

7. Shaving legs in the tub - a good option. It is much more effective and safer than shave dry skin. Humidity helps to relax the skin, reduces discomfort.

Author: Julia Gnedina