Dry mouth?
 Who does not want to have a soft and sexy lips? But even in summer problem dryness persists. You want to know why your lips are very dry quickly, and how to fight it? We offer five reasons and ways to combat it.

Five reasons why your lips are dry:

1. Make sure your lip balm
Or chapstick. In a particularly dry, we need funds only oil-based. Use of such products should be at least twice a day, while moisturizing and protection are optimal. Balsams and hygienic lipstick based on waxes over dried lips.

2. Are you clear your face?   Of course, you often use scrubs to better cleanse the skin, and rightly so. But have you noticed that often scrubs manufacturers warn that it is better not to put them on the skin around the eyes and lips. That's right, the formula scrubs are not always suitable for the lips. For this there are special scrubs, or do the simplest of sugar and honey, this scrub will not be dry. Before going to bed, massage the lips with a soft toothbrush.

3. Your flavored lip gloss?   Then it, too, can cause excessive dryness of the lips. Flavors can often irritate the skin of the lips, drying it. In addition, components that add volume, can also cause dryness, as it is strange.

4. Do you often feel nervous and stressed?   It makes you more likely to oblizavat and biting her lips, which leads to dryness and cracking. To prevent this, always use lipstick, it does not allow as often licking the lips. Forgot your lip balm? Do not lick them, to moisten. Try to find some other means, such as an apple or banana.

5. Do you drink enough water?   Lips - among the first to respond to dehydration, so dry lips - it is a definite signal that you may not have enough water.

Author: Julia Gnedina