Gwen Stefani will join his new set of perfume fragrances
 Gwen Stefani is set to release a limited collection of fragrances Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties, consisting of five fragrances. The design of the bottles star sticks already chosen style and the creation of fragrances themselves have been involved quite famous perfumers. The result was very interesting collection.

Flavors will be released in February, so the smells are planned for the spring of fresh and floral. And the name of promise Love, Angel, Music, Baby, and a mysterious letter G (Surely the point G?).

• Sunshine Cuties Love. This fruity-floral composition created by perfumer Ilias Ermenidisom in flavor contains the following notes: nectarine, passion fruit, lemon blossom, osmanthus, rose, vanilla orchid, coconut milk, sensual musk and sandalwood.

• Sunshine Cuties L'il Angel. For those who like citrus motives fit this aormat by perfumer Carlos Vinalsa. Lemon, mandarin, black currant, pink roses, orchids, vanilla, sugar, patchouli, vanilla bean, musk, leather, amber gold - that the notes of flavor.

• Sunshine Cuties Music. Sensual floral fragrance developed by perfumer Richard Herpin, selected notes - pear, apple, freesia, tiger orchid, jasmine, honeysuckle, cashmere, creamy musk and precious woods.

• Sunshine Cuties Baby. Flower Arrangement by perfumer Clement Gavarri with notes of mandarin, neroli, sunflower seeds, white poppy from Valencia, orange blossom, jasmine, musk, vetiver and birch forest.

• Sunshine Cuties G. This musky scent work perfumer Gabriela Chelariu. She was inspired by the notes of coconut water, mandarin, bergamot, white peach, heliotrope, tiare flower, orange flower, vanilla, tonka bean, leather, musk and sandalwood.

 Gwen Stefani will join his new set of perfume fragrances

Limited new products will be released in February, a 10-milliliter containers and costs $ 30.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina