It's a pity to throw tea bags?
 What use is not only women are used tea bag! You, too, sometimes it is a pity to throw them away? Then check out what they are useful.

- Available anti-age!   Antioxidants contained in tea are very necessary aging skin. Can make a simple mask: just place the used tea bags around the eyes, can be another wrinkles around the mouth. It is worth, if the bags are warm, then their action will be enhanced.

- Fertilizer for garden flowers.   You probably know that the rose bushes, for example, love nourished coffee grounds, leftovers from the banana mask. And now you know what they like and tea. Boil again in a jug used tea bags and pour the mixture into the soil, where there are garden flowers.

- Against edema and circles under the eyes.   Cucumber slices can not always be at home, in addition, sometimes it is better just to eat. And in order to deal with swollen eyes in the morning or circles under the eyes - use bags of tea is asleep.

- From insects.   If you hang tea bags in a country house, inside the insects will be much less.

- To the smell.   Put a few drops on a bag of your favorite essential oil and put the bag in a closet with clothes. The scent will last a long time, it will be a sachet.

- From wounds.   If you have an open wound (cut from a razor, for example), the herbal tea bag attached to a place, reduce pain and contribute to faster healing.

And thank you for something using tea bags?

Author: Julia Gnedina