Revolutionary new NIVEA: washable air conditioner for the body!
 A recognized expert with more than 100 years of experience looking after the creation of cosmetics, NIVEA opens a new category - Innovative tools deeply moisturizes the skin, while you take a shower. Unique is activated by contact with water, the formula works instantly, giving the skin a long lasting feeling hydrated and silky as soon as you wash away air conditioning and wipe with a towel.

Now procedure of skin hydration can be:

1. Take a shower, as usual, using the gel or soap for cleaning.
2. Apply NIVEA washable air conditioner to a clean and moist skin of the body.
3. Thoroughly rinse conditioner.
4. Wipe off and dress just enjoying a well-groomed skin.

The novelty is released in two versions - Moisturizing Conditioner for normal skin   and Body Nourishing Conditioner for Dry Skin .

 Revolutionary new NIVEA: washable air conditioner for the body!

Convenient packaging 250 ml bottle allows you to put on the lid, which makes use of air conditioning even more convenient and fast.

Formula does not contain artificial colors or silicone. Specially selected ingredients provide optimum care for skin, depending on its type.

Almond oil   intensely nourishes and softens dry skin.

Sea minerals   providing balanced care for normal skin.

When applied to damp skin conditioner formula is instantly activated by contact with water and immediately absorbed into the skin. Comparative tests have shown that the air conditioner provides more skin hydration than shower gels with moisturizing effect.

On sale since September 2013

Estimated price: 140 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova