The first DD-cream
 The first information about what the market can get new tool of cosmetics DD-cream began to arrive in January 2013. And now begin selling a completely new product.

Brand Julep, known for its nail lacquers, announces the release of the first DD-cream. Premiered in the UK market and the US scheduled for June this year.

Abbreviation DD - means Daily Defense, which can be translated as a daily protection. The multifunctional product has a part of SPF 25, it acts as a primer, moisturizer, anti-age agent, and is available in four shades.

 The first DD-cream

One can only try to understand the differences between these varieties of conventional tonal resources: TM-cream (tinted moisturizing, toning moisturizing), BB-Cream (beauty balm, balm of beauty), SS-cream (color correction, color correction) and now DD -krem (Daily Defense, daily protection).

Author: Julia Gnedina