Timotei: new styling mousses for the care of the hair
 In September 2012, a series of tools for styling Timotei there was a novelty: Mousse without parabens, containing 100% natural ingredients.

What a woman needs to make curls well-groomed hair or add volume? Of course, the mousse - one of the most popular means for hair to do almost any installation. However, 63% of women think that hopelessly spoil the hair, using styling agents, and 37% of women do not use them for fear of the negative impact of chemical ingredients. This fear becomes a real problem: how to capture the natural beauty of hair, without harming healthy hair?

Timotei proposed solution to this problem by providing funds without parabenov1 line. In September 2012 she was replenished with new styling mousse, which contain 100% natural ingredienty2 not only provide a secure fit, but also carefully take care of her hair, breathing in them the full force of nature.

The special texture - light and airy - allows you to quickly and easily distribute agent. In addition, each hair covered with a special protective film, which contributes to a better fixation and helps to avoid gluing strands. With styling mousse Timotei treat hair will become even easier and more interesting!

Currently Timotei am pleased to introduce two new funds:

*   Mousse Timotei «The luxurious volume" (150 ml)   with an extract of guarana for fine hair, lacking volume;
 Timotei: new styling mousses for the care of the hair

Mousse Timotei «The luxurious volume"   will add volume to thin hair even deprived of air appeal. The formula with toning Guarana extract contained in its composition will make your hair stronger and silky, and carefully record the beauty of hairstyles for 24 hours, providing the volume from the roots.

*   Mousse Timotei «shimmering brilliance" (150 ml)   with pearl extract and rose oil for normal and dull hair.
 Timotei: new styling mousses for the care of the hair

Mousse Timotei «Shimmering shine"   specifically designed for normal and dull hair. Thanks enriched extract of rose oil and pearls composition, restores natural shine. Mousse also provides a secure fit hairstyle, keeping the natural softness and elasticity of the strands while nourishing the hair structure from within.

In a series of styling tools from Timotei already included paints strong and super-strong fixing, aqua sprays and styling gel with the effect of "wet hair" for men.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova