Useful tips from NIVEA for the protection of lips in the cold
 Cold season - the most difficult period for the lips. They do not protect warm clothing, they are exposed to rain and low temperatures. In the cold season the skin of the lips requires particularly careful care, because otherwise there is a chance to spend with chapped lips the whole autumn, winter and spring.

Useful tips:

*   Forget about the habit of licking his lips   - This delicate skin dries instantly.

*   Lips should not be massaged toothbrush   - It is quite rough and can damage the delicate skin of the lips.

*   Try to drink plenty of water   - It will help avoid dehydration, including the cells of the skin of the lips.

*   Dry air in rooms with central heating has a withering effect on the skin.   Get a humidifier for air and regularly put on the lips reducing agents.

*   Scrubs are necessary not only for the face but also to the skin of the lips.   You can cook at home, and you can use cosmetic. Scrub should be used to massage the lips 2-3 times a week.

*   Regularly use a lip balm   - In the office, at home, before going out, before applying the lipstick color. This will protect the skin from the aggressive action of the environment and preserve the beauty and health.

To return the lips health and beauty experts have developed a new laboratory NIVEA Lip Balm "Beauty and the restoration of" . This unique dual-action - Balm moisturizes and restores dry and chapped skin and at the same time gives the lips a natural pink hue. New from NIVEA   in minutes will result in the order of chapped skin, permanently eliminates the discomfort and restore natural moisture balance.

 Useful tips from NIVEA for the protection of lips in the cold

Panthenol   It is known for its soothing properties. It is instantly absorbed and helps restore the lipid layer of the skin, protects against negative environmental factors. In combination with panthenol glycerol binds moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, thereby maintaining the natural moisture level.

Vitamin E   - Excellent natural antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals. This component also helps prevent loss of moisture.

Valuable components in natural Lip balms   from NIVEA   - jojoba oil   and Shea butter   - Enhance the healing effect means:

Jojoba oil   quickly absorbed into the skin and moisturizes it and helps restore soft, smooth and silky texture.

Shea butter   valued due to its restorative properties. This feature eliminates the discomfort associated with dry skin, restores lips beauty and smoothness.

 Useful tips from NIVEA for the protection of lips in the cold

Author: Anna Shustrova