In October, the little black dress celebrates 86th anniversary
 Millions of women around the world believe the little black dress of his "magic wand." Great Coco made us all a gift 86 years ago.

To be precise, the little black dress has a certain birth date - October 1, 1926. That's when Coco Chanel introduced the audience a new approach to his favorite black, because before that things were only black as sackcloth.

Today the LBD (Little Black Dress, or a little black dress) is in the wardrobe of many women. And if you do not - then it's time to buy, because it is one of the basic things, so think fashion designers and fashion experts. It is, indeed, is never boring, but is changing from season to season. And so Karl Lagerfeld once said: "You'll never feel too naked or dressed too with a little black dress." It - perfection!

Author: Julia Gnedina