Natalie Portman - the new face of the fragrance Miss Dior Cherie
 It's time - to remind you of the fragrance Miss Dior Chérie, because for many it can be a great gift for the New Year. And the reason is, because the smell will now represent luxury Natalie Portman.


Heroine herself said that she liked the idea of ​​the flavor - "this is a very playful, yet very French." Natalie likes bright and fresh smell of the composition of the notes of green mandarin, pink jasmine and patchouli. And we can not wait, when there will be a new advertising image.

In connection with the event Allure Edition talked with Natalie Portman on fragrances, cosmetics and female beauty.

- When you use perfume?
Natalie: Only on special occasions. For example, on Valentine's Day. Because it is always a special evening in the company of someone I love. Be sure to wear jewelry for the occasion. The fragrance and jewelry - these two things allow themselves to feel feminine in a special way.

- What makeup do you use every day?
Natalie: Milk Joëlle Ciocco Sensitive Cleansing Milk. It smells delicious, truly natural product and protects my skin.

- What methods do you like the beauty on others, but do not dare to try for yourself?
Natalie: Red lipstick. I'm moving away from it. I think red lips on others look just gorgeous, but I'm with red lipstick always feel a little bit silly.

- What of the modern trends of beauty you never do?
Natalie: Plastic Surgery. I do not like when they all go to the same person. Moreover, women with the plastic look much older than they are.

- When you work on a film, you recovering?
Natalie: Acupuncture I always save it it calms the nerves and harmonises.

- Your training?
Natalie: Three or four times a week, I swim and on the elliptical trainer. Swimming for me - the real meditation. I at this point do not hear anything, do not say anything - as much as 45 minutes of peace and quiet (sometimes hours).

- Your standard of beauty?
Natalie: Yes, Audrey Hepburn - her eyes and eyebrows, I'm also crazy about Lauren Hutton - Star 70, her perfect big eyes, beautiful teeth and amazing curls!

 Natalie Portman - the new face of the fragrance Miss Dior Cherie

Author: Julia Gnedina