New Wax Strips Veet - proven benefits of a unique formula!
 The new packaging is bright - it's not all that has changed in the wax strips Veet. The developers decided to make their product more efficient and completely re-wax formula. Although there is no limit to perfection, the study confirmed that the new wax strips Veet - the perfect cosmetic product, which gives the skin a smooth and takes care of her.

Effective even for short hairs from 2mm!

Previously, women prefer waxing, had to wait until the hairs grow back up to 5-7 mm. Veet is now solved this problem! In addition, the regular use Veet hair growth slows down, the hair becomes less frequent and milder, and the skin looks soft and smooth up to 4 weeks - much longer than shaving!

Grab hairs and pull them up by the roots, even if used improperly!

In his time waxing salon was the prerogative solely of professionals who know how to properly stretch the skin and quickly tear strip. The new formula strips Veet is designed so that the procedure depilation becomes available to any woman. Wax remains on the skin, and on the strip even during slow removal of the latter. The result will be perfect on the first try!

Contains 20% more natural plant extracts.

New Wax Strips Veet - not just a means for depilation is a cosmetic product that provides complete care. Firstly, waxing itself has beneficial effects on the skin: improves blood circulation, has the effect of peeling and promotes natural moisture. However, each type of skin requires special care, and even so Veet wax strips are designed in three versions: for normal, dry and sensitive skin. In each of these added components of caring:

• For normal skin - Shea butter and fruit extract. Shea butter softens and moisturizes the skin and slows aging. Fruit extract has anti-allergic effect, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect.

• For dry skin - Aloe Vera and Milk Lotus. Aloe Vera has a healing effect and helps to restore the natural balance of moisture in the skin. Lotus Milk soothes, smoothes and moisturizes the skin

• for sensitive skin - Almond oil and Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant, eliminating inflammation in the skin. Almond oil regulates the water balance and activates the process of cell regeneration.