Perfumed points
 It's great when your favorite perfume smells and moisturizer and bubble bath, and even accessories. For example, how do you find such an idea: the glasses with the smell?

The French brand Les Opticiens ATOL, produces glasses, has launched an interesting collection of this summer. It was created in collaboration with designer Adriana Karembeu, collection has named AK Senteurs, and it became the basis points the bow that ... smell.

Interestingly, this is - points transformers, it is possible to buy a set of scented handles various designs and odors, and vary them depending on your mood.

Just a collection of four fragrances represented, corresponding to the four color variations of points:
- Coquette, red color, fragrance - floral notes
- Ile aux baisers, aroma - mango and citrus notes
- Chocolat, notes of chocolate and vanilla
- Adriana, purple color, aroma - spices and sweetish notes.

 Perfumed points

Author: Julia Gnedina