Male set of hair care by Remington
 Neat beards and mustaches are still in a trend among men. But to create a truly stylish way of men needs multifunctional and practical device that can handle both with a thick beard and a trimming hard to reach areas such as the nose and ears.

Last year, Remington has pleased us with its innovation - vacuum trimmer MB6550. But the company does not stand still, and therefore releases another new product - a set of hair care with interchangeable nozzles having vacuum technology.

Excellent quality "suction" shorn hair has already gained a lot of popularity in the Russian market. Now, this technology is not only used on a wide and detailed trimmer, and a nozzle for the nose and ears.

Blades coated with titanium, has a system of self-sharpening allows you to quickly and accurately cut your beard or draw a line beard, mustache and sideburns. 4 attachment combs, a fixed length of 3, 6, 9, 12 mm will help to create a unique style. A vacuum nozzle 2 - detailed trimmer haircut and a trimmer can be used to make fine lines.

Thanks to lithium battery device works up to 60 minutes in the wireless mode, and the LED tells you when the device needs recharging.

In addition, a set of hair care by Remington PG6070 incredibly easy to use, since it can be easily cleaned under running water or clean brush that came in the kit.

 Male set of hair care by Remington


The set includes 3 Vacuum nozzle:

• Detail trimmer for precise cutting (mowing height 0.4mm)
• Wide trimmer for imparting lines (width -32 mm)
• Trimmer for nose and ears

2 standard tips:

• Grid Razor
• Vertical nozzle body
• blades coated with titanium
• The system is self-sharpening blades
• 1 adjustable comb attachment (2-16 mm)
• 4-attachment combs with a fixed length (3, 6, 9, 12 mm)
• Battery
• Rechargeable lithium battery, working in wireless mode - up to 60 minutes
• A full charge for 4 hours
• The charge indicator
• Handbag Storage
• Bits-head easy to clean
• Warranty - 3 years

Author: Anna Shustrova