Group MediaFort - 10 years!
 September 1 group "MediaFort" celebrated its decade - on this day in 2004 opened the first Internet company's project - a women's magazine Jane, later (in early 2005) became a popular edition

Over the past decade, "MediaFort" has become one of the largest associations of women's sites, and currently operates more than a dozen women's portals and social networks, including such popular projects as PovarŅ‘, "Country Mom", other . Online group Runet wearer may find it the most interesting things on a variety of topics ranging from health and beauty - to fashion and crafts, from cooking and fitness - to gardening and astrology.

To his group approached a decade of sites, covering around 15 million fine ladies in the month, and the wearer viewing more than 100 million pages - per month. Online group in the so-called Unified Login Register a million unique wearer.

In the near future the group - as the development of existing projects and - opening new women's sites.

Author: Anna Shustrova