The new fragrance by Oriflame Miss Giordani
 Oriflame is a new perfume water Miss Giordani - fragrance, embodied the atmosphere of the busy streets of Rome and Milan with their stylish inhabitants. Miss Giordani reflects the passion and style of modern Italy, makes men's hearts tremble, and women - stopping in awe!

This Italian - passionate, beautiful and brilliant queen of men's hearts. She knows exactly how to be attractive, charming with his presence and enjoy life. Inspired by the charm of the Italians, Oriflame has created a new perfume water Miss Giordani, which became the modern interpretation of classics. Exotic notes of mango, interwoven with sparkling, mysterious neroli and burning red pepper, create a unique aura around the attractive owner of the perfume.

Lucas Syuzak, Perfume: "By creating a perfume water Miss Giordani, I drew inspiration from Italy's incomparable elegance. I would like to receive the fragrance that embodies the image of a stylish young Signorina, whose temperament and personality fascinate others, leaving them indifferent! "

Aroma type:   floral, fruity, woody;

Top notes:   White Grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot, fresh mango sorbet, green ivy;

Notes of the "heart":   Solar Milan neroli, white peony, freesia, red pepper pondishersky;

Base notes:   sandalwood, vanilla, raspberry musk, patchouli.

 The new fragrance by Oriflame Miss Giordani

Eau de parfum Miss Giordani

Charming, elegant composition, full of life. Sparkling note neroli - Italian classic, around which reveals floral, fruity and woody fragrance chords. 50 ml.

Price: 1100 rub.

Eau de parfum Miss Giordani on sale from September 15, 2014.

Author: Anna Shustrova