Lena Lenina: Hits of the future fashion season
 Summer is not over, but the beginning of the new school and the working season is approaching with great strides. August shopping and we already want to subordinate the desires of September, and then fall. Russian Parisienne, a fashionista and writer Lena Lenin reveals the secrets of the future fashion trends cool season.

- Lena, it is worth buying, the next season to look the most fashionable?

- I propose to invest in a few basic but fashionable items of clothing, which will be needed in the winter. And even if the idea is to wear a warm knitted sweater, fur cape, or leather boots in the August heat seems crazy to you, nevertheless, it is better to prepare in advance and ahead of other fashionistas. And most importantly, the right to choose from a variety of fashion magazines offer accessories and items of clothing most fashionable and blend harmoniously with each other, to avoid cluttering up closets and extra spending. Unlock the secrets of the major hits of the future of the cool season, which can already be seen in almost all the new collections start to arrive on the shelves. Budget format, you can even buy nothing new, and revise the old wardrobe and find things in it that correspond to the new trends of the September breeze.

So, first and foremost, a basic element of the new season - black and white .  Stop buying bright, colorful and beach .  After a few more days and we will counterbalance these summer levity on the uppermost shelf cabinets .  New nail season - black and white, graphic and succinct, together in one print or separately in different cells look .  On the one hand, psychologists say that this is the second after the red color gun that acts on male sexual sphere, then in black and white, we will sexier, and on the other hand, it is always a combination of stylish, fashionable and shows your impeccable taste .  Moreover, in recent years it has won all the fashion catwalks, and we can not do not like it - because it is also practical because it can be combined among themselves and with other colors .  Besides black and white - it's a classic, and this combination is easy to look chic during the day and evening .  To not allow any mistakes, you can choose plain black total look with a slight element of a-la-rock in the tradition of Yves Saint Laurent or all white ensemble as like Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein .  In the new season, try to buy things simple and concise, in a minimalist style, with graphic or geometric details .  Mix, combine and select the endless combinations of elements in this stylish black-and-white classic paradise for aesthetes .  As for the black-and-white accessories, the rules are the same: black, white, or black and white, but it is also clear in form, concise, simple and minimalist .  And even manicure September the web manicure studio Lena Lenina you can order a black-and-white .  Or White .  Or Black .

  - What else to buy Parisian autumn?

- The charts trends in September, along with black and white lead and the English course - soft warm knitted sweaters and clothing from cozy plaid fabric. Everything is simple. Plaid shirt on the man or woman seems very comfortable and seductive at the same time. I can say, and yet another new direction next season - it uniseksualizatsiya women's fashion - men's trousers and waistcoats.

- And if the budget is limited, what is most important to buy to feel fashionable this fall?

  - The most important trend - it is the skin, the skin and the skin again. This fall, if you do not stretch leather pants, you are not fashionista. Leather should be all: accessories, jackets, coats, trousers, skirts and even hats and bracelets. It is also impossible to imagine a future without the fall fur capes, stoles, fur coat, handbag or even a vest. Real or artificial fur, the main thing that it was. It is not only warm, but also aristocratic. And men shiny fur is also the desire to touch and your pet. Do not deny them this pleasure.

- And what form of pants prevail in the current fashion?

- Narrow-fitting or straight simple trousers and jeans. Again, leather, and once the skin. And all this despite the fact that I do not have any existing advertising contract with any company selling leather and fur. So it's safe to trust me.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova