Natalia Vodianova was exposed for Vanity Fair
 Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova was exposed to the September issue of the glossy magazine Vanity Fair, just three months after the birth of their fourth child!

May 2, 2014 was born Maxim - 4th child 32-year Vodianova.

The author of the photo shoot was the famous photographer Mario Testino. Photos accompanying model candid interview in which she talked about her relationship with ex-husband Justin Portman and the father of her fourth child - Antoine Arnault - the son of the owner group LVMH.

Vodianova is also revealed the secret of how to look good in the photo: "It's all about the small details, the tilt of the head. Raised eyebrows make eyes visually bigger. The mouth should be slightly open. Shoulders should be lowered to the neck seem longer. This is similar to the work of the sculptor. "

 Natalia Vodianova was exposed for Vanity Fair

Author: Anna Shustrova