New from ORLY French Manicure
 Became a classic "French manicure", developed by company founder Jeff ORLY pink, for 40 years it remains one of the most popular nail designs in the world. Elegant incarnation yet another confirmation of the universality of the phrase "all brilliant - just."

Recent innovations in the jacket from ORLY - new shades of coatings to perform smile line - Warm White   (warm white) Ivory White   (ivory). The uniqueness of the funds is based on rubber, which promotes lasting adhesion to the surface of the nail varnish, which increases the duration of "life" manicure.

 New from ORLY French Manicure

FROM Warm White   and Ivory White   You can easily create a superb classic French manicure.

Volume: 18 ml.

Recommended retail price: 386 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova