Brazilian manicure - resistant solution!
 Journalist Elle (US Edition) discovered (and for us) is one of the most interesting ways to make the most durable manicure.

Meghan Kahn, an employee of a fashion glossy, now in Brazil, and writes for the readers of its publication notes from the World Cup, but at the same time about the attractions of Brazilian fashion and beauty industry.

The reporter noted that almost all Brazilians love bright nail polishes and demonstrate the perfect cover. She decided to try out for yourself what a typical Brazilian manicure. I went into one of the stores in São Paulo and found a very unusual way to nail varnish.

It turns out that in the Brazilian manicure salons paint not only the nail plate, but the entire cuticle. It looks at first is not very attractive:

 Brazilian manicure - resistant solution!

But after a little paint dries, the master gently removes excess lacquer from the skin around the nail with a cotton swab and liquid nail polish remover.

 Brazilian manicure - resistant solution!

This method, according to local craftsmen, provides a very good adhesion of nail polish, and does not allow the coating to crack at the borders.

Hard to believe, but the method really works! Journalist Elle convinced of this myself, when I could take a whole week without covering scratches and chips!


Author: Julia Gnedina