Expert on ARTISTRY Lip Makeup
 Lipstick - is the only product of the beauticians, who for a moment, can dramatically change the image. Touching romantic young lady with Pink Tinted Lip easily converted into a femme fatale at the expense of only one red lipstick. On the right make-up lips and selection tools will tell the Russian make-up artist, a professional world-class expert in the field of decorative cosmetics of Amway ARTISTRY Natalia Cherkasova.

Care for the skin

For beautiful and resistant make-up is necessary to prepare the skin of the lips, covering them with caring balm, in the formula which includes moisturizers and emollients. Once every two or three weeks to do a light exfoliation of the skin to exfoliate dead skin flakes: they are ugly allocated to her painted lips with lipstick.

Lip Makeup depends on the texture of the skin of the lips. At a certain age begin to appear around the mouth lines, the natural contour of the lips becomes less clear, and pigment - dim. In this case, the contour pencil is very important, it does not allow to spread lipstick and get into the fine lines around the mouth. Lipstick-based waxes are perfect for women with wrinkles on the lips, they are best kept, and do not spread.

Choose a lipstick

When choosing make-up lips makeup guided by quality, ease of use and situation. For everyday makeup perfect shine: it is easy to apply, and stresses the makeup looks natural. The advantage in brightness that it may be applied even without a mirror.

Lipstick is perfect for evening events. She looks brighter than the glitter, and lasts much longer.

For lovers of bright and beautiful makeup lips excellent choice would be the new collection of lipsticks and glosses, lipsticks ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR, create brand ARTISTRY. The composition of lipsticks and glosses include security components that will help make your lips incredibly soft and gentle. Also products contain a special formula that prevents lipstick roll and spread.

 Expert on ARTISTRY Lip Makeup

Draw a perfect shape

Lips not only endowed with a wealth of expression and diversity of forms, but are easily corrected. That's lips faster and easier, you can just give the desired shape and the desired shade. Correction of the shape and applying lipstick depend on the natural shape of the lips.

The big puffy lips.   If you are not satisfied that the lips are too big, dark contour pencil and lipstick will be your savior. The dark matte lipstick lips visually make less. For starters cover the lips foundation. Then draw the desired shape of a pencil. Apply lipstick inside the designated path.

Small plump lips.   This form has been extremely popular in the 20-30s of the last century and was called "rosebud". But today the owner of this form of trying to make the lips more volume visually. To do this, use the lighter shade of lipstick and contour pencil.

Thin lips.   This form of lip gives the face a stubborn, hard look. If you do not want to seem very strict, you can draw the outline of the lips, lightly stepping over the natural limits. To lips seemed to swell, you can use the following method: Apply on lips bright lipstick and lip color lipstick center of a darker hue. So they will appear more voluminous. Transparent lip gloss adds relief and expressiveness.

Lip shape correction should be carried out carefully: his lips are constantly in motion, and a sloppy makeup can quickly identify all the things that we have so carefully tried to hide.

Lip Makeup will help complete the image and emphasize all the advantages of your face. It only remains to choose the right tool and become a true artist with a brush or a tube of lipstick in their hands!

Author: Anna Shustrova