Innovative overnight face mask from Avon
 Specialists Avon developed rejuvenating night hydrating gel mask ultra-light texture Anew Clinical Ā«intensive moisturizing." Mask fill the skin the necessary moisture while you sleep!

Now you can forget about dehydrated skin and dull complexion! Total for 1 night skin condition improved markedly. One application - and your skin moisturized at 48 hours . After 10 minutes of use, 90% of women said that thanks to mask their skin looks like after 8 hours of sleep.

The formula with micro-granules of hyaluronic acid facilitates effective penetration of active substances into the deeper layers of the skin, smoothes the skin and reduces wrinkles. Included in the mask Shea butter has a softening effect, and vegetable ceramides play an important role in maintaining the barrier function of the skin.

First Night Masks Anew Clinical Ā«intensive moisturizing":

* Intensely moisturizes;
* Instantly refreshes and softens the skin;
* Minimizes wrinkles;
* Improves skin elasticity, prevents its dehydration;
* Allows you to effectively resist skin aging;
* Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive; tested by dermatologists;
* Rapidly absorbed;
* Does not contain fragrances and oils.

 Innovative overnight face mask from Avon

Svetlana Kovaleva, official expert Avon skin care, recommends that:

"Amazing resort. Comfort texture, good absorption of skin and visible results after the first night of use. That night the skin to help rest and recuperate. Mask cope with this 100%. Watch for an adequate amount, it should not be much. Apply directly to clean skin or on top of your favorite night cream and / or serum. The mask will work in any case. "

For best results, we recommend using 3 times a week.

Price: 450 rubles.

Launch date: 07/29/2014

Author: Anna Shustrova