Marie Claire named best fragrances 2014
 In June, the Russian Marie Claire magazine published information about the winners of international prizes in the field of perfumery PRIX INTERNATIONAL DU PARFUM 2014. The independent jury included 35 beauty-editor Marie Claire editions around the world. They appreciated perfume, appeared on the market over the last year and chose among them the best of the best.

The winners were determined in the following categories:

"The best women's fragrance» - Jour d'Hermès, Hermès

 Marie Claire named best fragrances 2014

Thin, gentle, warm, sometimes timid, bathed in natural light and always ready to bring happiness to its possessor. The creator of the fragrance, the house Hermes perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena divided the recipe of its appeal: "It's an armful of flowers - field, garden, wild or carefully cultivated, harvested at sunset or just stryahnuvshih morning dew. It's so big that it can not handle, it collected everything. " To achieve depth expose feelings but remain delicate and very well-mannered he obtained with the help of juicy notes of grapefruit and crisp rhubarb, burning cloves and a spicy mango, ripe peas, enveloping tenderness magnolia, orange flower, tuberose, gardenia, lily of the valley and jasmine under sticky serenade musk, honey and oak moss. Bottle ordered designer shoes and bags Pierre Hardy.

"Best women's fragrance bottle» - Honey, Marc Jacobs

 Marie Claire named best fragrances 2014

American designer humorous approach to fashion, he himself does not change and in perfumery. We learn of the recent fragrance bottle Dot, which imitated a ladybug, but now it seems to other beneficial insects. The name of the new fragrance touching, charming and extremely well. The pattern resembles a swarm of bees. The fragrance, created by two women perfumers (Annie Buzantyan and Ann Gottlieb) - a pulp dripping syrup pear, peach nectar, orange slices, fragrant vanilla, honey and floral scent of the skin under the sun. Here everything from bottle to fragrance - the most effective medicine for depression.

"Innovation and creativity» - Si, Giorgio Armani

 Marie Claire named best fragrances 2014

Rehearse originality, who shot at the right moment - takova¬ risk bathroom, but worked perfectly the formula of this fragrance. Nazhel Christine, a woman with a reputation as a very bold perfumer came up with the flavor out of time, mixing the May rose, patchouli and black currants. Then it aggravate vanilla, white wood and musk. Heavy bottle cap instead of a smooth stone and sexy mentor in the person of actress Cate Blanchett. Himself Giorgio Armani says: "Si - this is my tribute to a modern femininity, the combination of grace, strength and spirit of independence."

Fragrance-prize winner in the additional nomination from the Russian jury was Gris Montaigne, Dior

 Marie Claire named best fragrances 2014

Gris Montaigne - a very strong perfume the head of the rich history of the house Dior. Pearl Grey - one of its main codes, it is present in the collections from the very first, in 1947, it is the color of the walls and furniture in the home of Christian Dior in Granville and the facade of the boutique in Paris on Avenue Montaigne, 30. Dior perfumer Francois Demachy set before a postmodern task - to pass the smell of flowers. Mixing select bergamot from Calabria, Turkish rose, the most expensive in the world of Jasmine from the Indian province of Tamil Nadu and patchouli from Indonesia, he received a chypre composition - a smooth, soft and perfectly smooth. Really very similar to light gray Dior.

Closed Prize award ceremony PRIX INTERNATIONAL DU PARFUM 2014   It was held at the Italian restaurant La Prima (restaurant chain Gourmet Alliance). The ceremony became a well-known TV presenter Alexander A. and beauty-director of Marie Claire Anastas Kharitonov. Among the guests was attended by influential representatives of the Award of the beauty industry, beauty-experts and celebrities, including: Polina Gagarina, Eugene Linovich, Musya Totibadze, Julia Kovalchuk Irina Tchaikovsky, Catherine Odintsov, Margarita Mitrofanova and many others.

Author: Anna Shustrova