Do you need a Korean cosmetics?
 Land of Morning Calm - the land of unique beauty and beautiful women. Travellers who have visited Korea, are always eager to return to her welcoming embrace, women, once tasted a Korean cosmetics, then do not change it for many years. But it is good Korean cosmetics as it positioned? And, most importantly, whether it is safe for European women?

Cosmetic products with the magic mark Made in Korea today on a wave of success, talk about it, write it, and admire the most famous for the transfer of "word" radio - "And you tried Korean cosmetics? ". An affirmative answer is positioning you as a reasonable person, an excellent landmark in the cosmetics and is familiar with the latest trends in the field of beauty. On the negative response will not speak, so as not to diminish the dignity of their own. But why so serious all this is in relation to cosmetics?

In the beginning was the BB cream

In the Russian market the Korean cosmetics first appeared in 2010. Debuted BB cream brand Missha, which today is an absolute hit in the whole world. Not many women know that the first BB cream is not the fruit of the labor of Korean beauticians, Walk of Fame to be built in Germany, and, in 1968!

It was there that the doctor-dermatologist Christine Shrammek BB cream developed as a means of post-operative healing. Typically, it is used in the treatment of scars. In Germany, this product has not been appreciated, but in the country of morning freshness, which is perfect even tone indication aristocratic beauty, he found incredible success. The invention of the doctor was modified, improved and put on the market. Very well, it should be noted!

 Do you need a Korean cosmetics?

European and Korean women - is there a difference?

Of course, skin and koreek evropeek differ! And not only in color and density (at evropeek skin is thinner). The different needs of the dermis and therefore white women need a different approach. For this reason, Western brands have begun to produce Korean cosmetics especially for fair-skinned beauties. "Our" cream has a light texture and a range of bright colors, but still, the main characteristics of funds remained unchanged.

In addition to the BB cream in Russia is already available the whole line's Skin funds. Let's take a look at our cosmetic celebrities!

Anfisa Chekhov in awe of Korean facial masks Purederm, what once said in instagrame. Irena Ponaroshku prefers direct beauty with a cream-peeling from Tony Moly. But ballerina Ekaterina Shipulina shines on the scene thanks in part to mask the night Sulwhasoo. And this is just a small list of "Korean" Win!

 Do you need a Korean cosmetics?

Packaging design and flavor

If you order cosmetics online at home, followed by a desire to thoroughly understand the composition, will be disappointed. The labels Korean cosmetics are often no words in Russian. But if we talk about the design of cosmetic products and unusual flavors, there is something to marvel at. Jars and bottles are somewhat similar to Christmas decorations, bright, colorful, and have no analogues in Russia. As for the smell, consumers have repeatedly stated that it is quite intense, sometimes bluff.

 Do you need a Korean cosmetics?

What's inside the means?

It is very questionable in terms of safety Korean funds is the fact that Korean manufacturers do not develop your makeup. They do not build factories and do not conduct testing in laboratories. They just buy the base created by other brands.

Another risky aspect in the history of cosmetics - the active use of ingredients, insufficiently studied from the point of view of safety. So, incorporating scroll advertised creams contain a substance as a cytokine that acts on the human body as a hormone. But as you recall, the use of hormone replacement therapy is only possible in consultation with the doctor.

Regarding snail creams, they "give" cells are certain commands, e.g., "division" or "upgrade." Problems can arise when the skin cells begin to divide without stopping. The consequences are even hard to imagine.

Active use of hyaluronic acid also will benefit us. If a woman uses a lotion with hyaluronic acid, a base and then with her also, and finally even the cream, the result of her work can be swelling of the face. Even the good things in large quantities is harmful.

 Do you need a Korean cosmetics?

You can choose European or Asian?

It happens that the Russian beauticians prescribe European women Asian funds. Sometimes this is justified, for example, when it comes to such a problem as long pigmentation. In a number of Asian creams includes components of green and white tea and mulberry extract, which reduce the production of melanin and, therefore, give relief from excessive pigmentation.

But long-term use is fraught with the emergence of the Asian cosmetics syndrome sensitive skin, get rid of that very difficult. Therefore, the Asian makeup is best to use when necessary, and always return to European products.

Many Korean cosmetics really means "work", but that there were no problems in their application, use their courses, and only after consultation with a personal beautician.
Author: Natalia Bartukova