Exotic touch - Asian Massage
 Oriental massage differs from the classical (European) so that the impact is performed on biologically active points on our body and is responsible for the different parts of the body.

Massage as a method of treatment used in the third millennium BC. e. in China, then Japan, India, Greece, Rome. Records of massage appear Arabs. From time immemorial it has reached us and description of medical techniques of acupuncture, acupressure, pressure on certain points. Monuments of antiquity, such as preserved alabaster reliefs, papyri, which depicts a variety of massage manipulation, show that the Assyrians, Persians, Egyptians and other peoples knew massage and self-massage.

Contraindications to massage

Total serious condition, high body temperature, infections, exacerbation of chronic diseases, pregnancy, critical days, disease and damage to the skin, asthmatic conditions, allergic reactions to used oil, bleeding, mental illness, severe heart and vascular diseases, malignant tumors, benign tumors having a tendency to increase.

Before the procedure, consult with your doctor!

Burmese massage

Historically, Burmese massage developed from lulling massage that Burmese women did their husbands. Then massage the Burmese soldiers used to in a short time to "erase" war weariness and again to rush into battle.

The unique technology of this type of massage is the master for almost the entire session literally holds the patient's head, making thus chaotic movements unpredictable trajectory. Such influence leads to the fact that the patient is no longer "hold" head and relaxes the muscles of the neck, that in "normal" daily life is extremely rare. Besides passive chaotic motions, techniques used and kneading and impact on the acupressure points on the face, shoulder girdle, on his back. Another feature of the Burmese massage is that it can be done through a cotton shirt.

All movements are performed top-down, three to five times. Duration of massage 15-20 minutes.

1. Start with two-handed strokes (from the neck to the tailbone).

2. Kneading on either side of the spine crest clenched fist.

3. Tingling (left to right). Movement along the back from top to bottom.

4. Grinding (sawing) ulnar edge of the hand. Oncoming traffic from left to right.

5. Stroking the back with both hands. Oncoming traffic from left to right, right to left.

6. The opposite stroking with both hands: movement go from the spine outward.

7. The wavelike stroke back with your fingertips (burdened with the other hand). Initially treated with one half of the back, and then - another.

Council.   Massage can be performed on the back before going to bed to calm and good sleep.

Today the popularity of the Burmese massage is explained very simply - the stress of modern man began to affect not just his humor, but also his business, his family, his health. Coping with the negative effects of stress our contemporaries can not - why Burmese massage has become one of the most effective rapid methods of survival in these troubled times.

Vietnamese massage

Traditional Vietnamese massage technique combines pressure on the energy channels and acupressure points to the impact of the spine, joints and energetic movements, muscle warming. During the massage, in the first place, are subject to the influence of numerous nerve receptors found in different layers of the skin. In the process of the transformation of mechanical energy of the massage movements in nervous excitement, giving rise to a complex chain of reflexes. Through the use of traditional Vietnamese oils and fragrances, there is a deep relaxation, normalized energy flow, removes toxins, improves skin elasticity, increased efficiency.

Vietnamese massage relieves muscle tension, improves circulation of blood and lymph. As a result, the system activates the energy of the whole body, harmonize physical and mental health, enhanced immunity and performance. There is a deep inner relaxation of the whole body, and finding peace.

The average duration of the procedure 1 hour.

Creole massage

Creole massage came to us from the southern shores of the Indian Ocean, the islands of the Mascarene Archipelago. The essence of the technique consists in the elaboration of the various parts of the body with the help of bamboo sticks filled inside the grain. The work comes under the ethnic music from different tempo pattern of work.

Asian Bamboo symbolizes endurance and flexibility, and its use as a massage tool very useful. That is why the Creole massage is particularly effective for removal of muscular tension. Thanks to a special technique (first - deep rubbing bamboo stick, which acts primarily on the muscle, and then worked with chopsticks active points on the body) and the different intensity of exposure, millions of sensors animated body. Two bamboo sticks perfectly match the contours of the body and provides deep relaxation and restore energy balance. This type of massage is performed with the use of massage oils (sesame, nutmeg, almond oil, papaya).

Physiological effects of massage based on the contraction and expansion of blood vessels, which depends on the force of the impact rate and duration. The frequency of strikes from 180 to 300 beats per minute.

Massage with bamboo sticks provides relief movement of blood through the arteries, helping to accelerate the venous outflow affects the lymph flow. During the procedure, improve nutrition of tissues and cells, increase metabolism, accelerate lymph circulation (increased by 6-8 times).

The average duration of the procedure 1 hour.

Maldivian massage

Maldivian massage - a traditional national ritual with various aromatic oils and sand outdoors. The procedure begins with treating the body cool wet white sand. This body scrub smoothes the skin, otshelushivaya from the surface dead cells, making it soft and smooth. Concurrently held acupressure, reducing the circulation of energy along the meridians, activates the body's defenses, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, improves the function of internal organs, physical and mental health. The sand is then washed off with warm water.

After cleansing the body held a light relaxing massage using coconut oil. Gentle stroking and rubbing have a beneficial effect on the physical and spiritual condition. The oil penetrates the skin through the opened pores, stimulates blood circulation in the vessels of the microvasculature, stimulates the redox processes in cells, promotes the excretion of toxins.

The average duration of the procedure 40-50 minutes.
Author: Inna Sedykh