Magic touch semiprecious
 Precious stones give an additional therapeutic effect of massage, and the massage gives you the opportunity to experience more intensely the impact forces of stones.

Many precious minerals have healing properties. In the countries of the pearl of the Ancient East - Persia, India, China, Egypt - healers deliberately used the power of gemstones to treat and maintain youth and beauty. Description of the magic properties of precious stones found in the Egyptian papyri dating back to the II millennium BC In the same work on the ancient Chinese and Indian medicine as there are references to all the then known gems.

Massage with precious stones

Massage with precious stones has a synergistic effect. Synthesis of intensive contact and harmonizing, healing power of stones gives stunning results. The main purpose of this therapy - to achieve maximum muscle relaxation, relieve congestion phenomena in the tissues, improve metabolic processes. Depending on how and which apply the stones can be influenced by them on different areas: at the body nerves psyche mind - ultimately result always complete.

Interesting!   A continuation of the hand of the master, stones enhance the effect of massage, as a real "gymnastics" for the vessels.

Malachite   It helps with colds and allergies, skin-friendly and acts as a general tonic.

Sardius   It helps with headaches, purifies the blood and strengthens the heart and relieves stress.

Topaz   It protects the immune system, strengthens the nerves, encouraging, helping to balance the emotions.

Amber   - Active biostimulator stabilizing internal enzymes responsible for metabolism. Amber has a healing effect in infections, it brings peace and balance, helping make decisions.

Aquamarine   removes meteozavisimost, it helps with diseases of the respiratory tract, clears the mind and enhances psychic abilities.

Lapis lazuli   It soothes, reduces body temperature, protects the heart and kidneys, strengthens the sense of trust.

In this unique massage techniques, along with precious stones used cosmetics based on plants and essential oils. Gemstones are selected individually depending on the parameters of the crystals and human biorhythms. When selecting the stone are taken into account data on the relationship with the elements of stone, with the planet, with the days of the week, as well as energy centers - chakras - in the human body.

The procedure usually begins with a massage stimulation seven major energy centers by rubbing aromatic, followed by the imposition of precious stones. The stones are arranged in series between the chakras from left to right, starting with the first.

Interesting!   Healing energy of gems and minerals you can use when worn as jewelry or gems leaving overnight in water to drink it the next day.

Shaped stones massage:

-   polished smooth, rounded stones;

-   massage wand made of precious stones;

-   slate;

-   balls;

-   stones from the alluvial deposits;

-   lens-shaped stones;

-   Many other forms of rock, such as raw stones, crystals and gemstones extracts.

Interesting!   In the implementation of the many methods wide side of the stone has more relaxing and calming effect, sharper side, on the contrary, stimulates and revitalizes.

Temperature range

Hot stone massage relaxes the muscles, increases the intensity of metabolic processes, brings a sense of physical rest and emotional balance. Local effect of hot stones on the tissues due to the expansion of blood vessels, thus achieved an improvement of local blood circulation, more intensive metabolism, rapid excretion of metabolic products.

Massage cold stones (with alternating hot and cold) causes a narrowing of blood vessels and capillaries of the skin, eliminates venous congestion, improves muscle tone and increases the supply of fresh oxygenated blood to the tissues.


-   general poor condition;

-   infectious diseases;

-   severe diseases of internal organs;

-   bleeding;

-   pregnancy;

-   malignant tumor;

-   benign tumors.
Author: Inna Sedykh