Nightingale's contribution to the Cosmetology
 Recently, the Western beauty salons became popular whitening procedure and facial rejuvenation, called "the face of a Geisha." Of particular interest in it has increased after laudatory odes known, best fashionista Victoria Beckham. But try the procedure for deciding not everyone, and not only because of its high price ...

And here the nightingale?

With Japanese newfangled cosmetic product can be literally translated as "the nightingale no joke" (in English. Uguisu no fan), but is more known by his name - is the "face of a Geisha." The secret of the procedure in a unique part of the whitening and anti-aging face mix. It is based include specially treated, frayed nightingale droppings (warbler).

 Nightingale's contribution to the Cosmetology

  One of the first to appreciate the benefits of guano (droppings of seabirds, bats) Koreans. They used it for dyeing fabrics. Later this extraordinary product shopped Japanese learning using it to remove stains from silk kimono. Then, during the Edo period (1603-1868 BC), the Japanese successfully tested guano in cosmetology, emphasizing the beneficial properties of the nightingale excrement.

 Nightingale's contribution to the Cosmetology

According to some reports, Japanese women in the third century, bleached skin with bags filled with rice and nightingale droppings. Especially loved this procedure Japanese geisha. A similar method was used, and even Buddhist monks for polishing and cleaning bald.

One of the first written mention of the method Uguisu no fan is in the book titled "Shunkin-sho" (with Japan. - "Portrait of a Lady Shunkin"), released in Japan in the Meiji period (1868-1912). Currently, 200-year-old shop Hyakusuke, which is close to Tokyo - this is probably the only place where you can buy genuine Uguisu no fan, created according to ancient recipes and approved by the Government of Japan. But this miracle mixture may be ordered free of many of the world online stores, but the question about the quality of such goods will be open ...

Nightingale production

In recent years a serious interest in this exotic means of showing Western beauticians. They were surprised to note that after the procedure using nightingale droppings facial skin is noticeably lighter, gets healthy and well-groomed appearance, reduced the number of age spots and acne.

 Nightingale's contribution to the Cosmetology

In Japan, the production of products for Uguisu no fan put on stream. Though warbler and free birds, there are many private farms breeding them. Nightingales, living in cages, fed a special organic seeds and caterpillars eat the leaves only plum trees. Later, bird droppings scraped off from the cells and subjected to mandatory ultraviolet radiation to kill harmful bacteria and disinfect the product. After two weeks of drying it over 18 hours was ground to a fine white powder in a special container with a ceramic ball. In powdered form it is marketed.

Subtleties procedures

Before use, the powder is mixed with water to form a uniformly thick paste. Sometimes it is added rice bran for extra exfoliating effect and partial neutralization of specific musky odor mixture.

 Nightingale's contribution to the Cosmetology

The prepared paste with massaging movements in several minutes gently rubbed into the skin. After 10-15 minutes, thoroughly wash the remnants of funds.

 Nightingale's contribution to the Cosmetology

What's the secret?

Amazing whitening effect and rejuvenate "the face of a Geisha" is obtained by a high concentration therein guanine and urea. The last of the ingredients found in the composition of other cosmetic products, as urea is able to retain moisture in the skin. A useful guanine rich in protein, which burns fat and perfectly whitens the skin, including chronic liver spots. In the bowels of the nightingale is very small, so the protein in its excrement is well maintained.

Victoria Beckham, which has long suffered from acne, experienced the effect of the mask "face of a Geisha" and was delighted with the result. She extolled the miracle cure that even her husband - David Beckham - decided to give it a try. Later, the number of enthusiastic fans Uguisu no fan joined Karolina Kurkova, Tom Cruise, Kim Kardashian and many other Hollywood stars.

Procedure Uguisu no fan is considered to be completely safe for humans, including for pregnant women. Moreover, after the use of the mixture does not need to wait a few days, fearing to injure the treated skin. It is safe to come to an important event on the day of visiting the salon. But still before will be decided on an exotic mask is advisable to consult a dermatologist or beautician. In Russia, this service is not very common, and in western salons it is rapidly gaining popularity. It lasts about an hour and costs about $ 180-200.
Author: Albina Rogov