Silk powder: the novelty that will change your skin
 Almost all silk beauty recipes from Asia and have effective, confirmed by hundreds of years of use. Fortunately, modern cosmetic brands do not tend to forget all the things that have accumulated beauties of the world for millennia. Therefore, from time to time we are introduced to new products, which have an impressive history. Such silk powder.

Silk powder: the skin like silk

This is an amazing product that is able to instantly make the skin smooth and soft. Japanese silk powder used for hundreds of years, and now it means there are on store shelves in Europe or the United States.

Silk powder rich in antioxidants, and high protein contains 18 amino acids (including alanine, glycine and serine). "The dry silk" - sometimes referred to this powder. A thin layer of "silk" on the skin acts as a barrier that aligns the level of moisture. It absorbs moisture or release it, depending on the ambient temperature. The natural structure of silk powder acts as a reflector of light, which leads to the famous silk cooling effect.

Silk powder absorbs excess moisture and promotes skin elasticity and shine. This action helps to minimize wrinkles, reduce the signs of aging. And a part of the amino acids being the building blocks of the skin, update old or damaged skin cells.

 Silk powder: the novelty that will change your skin

Silk Dry effectively protects the skin from sun damage, reduces puffiness, minimizes sagging. Even age spots and freckles are significantly reduced, and healthier complexion restored. But silk powder helps skin and sufficient moisture. Silk proteins reduce the loss of moisture in the epidermis, which is very important for healthy skin.

That's why modern trends with silk powder in the composition or in the form of pure silk powder should get your attention. Look for a natural product, or scrubs and masks with silk powder in the composition. And yet - try other new items of silk.

Silk cocoons - a scrub

You have not seen such an interesting novelty of beauty as a set of silk cocoons? In fact, it is for us, modern women, cocoons can be called innovation. But in the history of the world the beauty of silk cocoons are the traditional means of care for Asian (mainly Chinese) women.

It's really true silk cocoons. They were sterilized with steam, after which the pods maintain their curative composition rich in amino acids. During soft massage cocoons isolated protein sericin (today this substance is often used in modern anti-aging creams, this water-soluble glycoprotein), a textured surface gently exfoliate, leaving the skin smooth and silky to the touch.

 Silk powder: the novelty that will change your skin

Cocoons are shaped so that each of them can be put on the fingertip like a thimble. It is enough to moisten with warm water or micellar water, and it will start to "work". Massaging should be very soft and delicate. One cocoon can be used 2-3 times, and it's a bit compensates fairly high cost of the product. For example, the cocoons to exfoliate the British brand Holistic Silk cost 25 pounds per piece (but within only 20 pods).

After the procedure, use tonic and moisturizer if needed.

 Silk powder: the novelty that will change your skin

Silk facial tissue - a facelift

Advantages of silk pillowcases are known to almost all. But many see only the smoothing effect of silk applied to the hair. And it should be remembered and osmyagchayuschem action silk skin.

Sleeping on silk pillowcases, silk cloths make peeling, massage the facial skin - your skin will change for the better.

An ingenious solution - silk masks Blindfolds. Such a thing can be done by yourself, if you know how to sew and you have otrez silk. On the surface, this is a common bandage (points) to sleep, protected from light. But the silk things are a number of advantages for the skin. Silk can help relieve stress from the skin of the eye, will recover, cooling and smoothing effect on the skin around the eyes, and even anti-aging effect. And you will sleep very well!

 Silk powder: the novelty that will change your skin

Cooling and refreshing wipes - a cleansing

This summer, the European and American market there were Japanese wipes. In general, they are similar to conventional wet wipes for children or make-up remover. But it's not just wipes impregnated with moisturizer (or a means for removing makeup).

The composition of the tissue is enriched with silk powder (the same one, which was discussed earlier in this article). The smallest powder rests on the translucent skin layer keeps the whole day without feeling sticky or, alternatively, dry. This is achieved and the cooling and smoothing effect. Members called Japanese miracle "mini-shower" that will always be in your purse. Sometimes you do not even need deodorant and wet wipes using silk face - do not worry about makeup, tiny particles of powder was not hurt.

Search for sale swipe technology Powder Silk, made in Japan or European brands, they will give cleansing and freshness at any time and under any employment, whether it is active or intensive fitness.

 Silk powder: the novelty that will change your skin

Author: Tamara