Belly dance - dance of passion
 Eastern dances allow the modern woman to know yourself, to reveal their femininity, to express their creative energy to light a fire inside. It's a great way to strengthen your health, be free, beautiful and confident!

Belly dance has very ancient roots. Until now, there are disputes about the origin of classical belly dancing, there are many versions as to where and how it has evolved. Many versions have become myths. However, the traditional dance of the Middle East. A set of movements - a mixture of styles in many areas of Lebanon, North Africa, Egypt, the Gulf, Turkey, which occurred as a result of cultural exchange through trade and shift national borders. In addition, frequently used traffic chest, shoulders, head, hands, and serpentine and undulating torso. Another common feature of these dances - a different degree of flirtation and coquetry. The rhythms and instruments used in the various regions, often have big differences, but common to them is that there is always an emphasis on impact.

Today belly dancing brings pleasure, thanks to the skill of execution, ethnicity and beauty of movement.

Oriental belly dancer all my life grind their art. But to master several elements can be at any age, with any complexion and with any level of choreographic training.

Pros oriental dance classes

1. Your body becomes flexible and malleable as the originality of oriental dance - its plasticity.

2. Your body gets used to physical exertion. Razuchivaya dance elements, increasing the load on the body. However, the undoubted merit of oriental dance is that the load can not be too strong, because the dance is limited. As a result, you become more resistant.

3. During the dance workouts you can lose weight and gain muscle definition that becomes noticeable after the first month of employment.

4. A unique element of bellydance - shaking - is a kind of massage the internal organs of the abdomen and pelvis. During the dance improves blood circulation and bowel function.

5. During the exercises you strengthen the muscles of the back and waist. Strengthening occurs as in the movements of the dance involves all parts of the spine. Even after a few sessions you will notice improved posture.

6. You will learn how to do breathing exercises, which is part of neotemlimoy bellydance. Proper breathing allows you to dance for long hours.

7. After the regular dance classes you will find graceful forms of Arab dancers. Sport helps keep the shape of the breast, as the dance movements strengthen pectoral muscles. Pan and tilt - perfect for charging a wasp waist.

Important in belly dance are not strict adherence to the canons, and temperament and emancipation. Basis of belly dance - is improvisation. However, the rules and exercises for mastering the art of belly dancing there.

Important!   Perfect condition dancer during the performance of Oriental Dance - relaxation mixed with tension.

Driving lessons

- Warm-up. I need to warm up all the muscles of the body and prepare them for further load.

- Repeat the dance elements, unlearning earlier.

- Learning of the new movements of dance.

- A bunch of old and new elements.

- "Final" dance.


- Slowly sit down on his heels, leaning to the left, and then - to the starting position, then to the right. Repeat 8 times.

- Get on your knees, back straight. Make four large hips turn left, then right. Try to do the exercise so that the torso remained motionless. The move should only be hip.

- In the same position, draw the hips "eight", first back, then forward. Repeat 8 times.

- Starting position - lying on his back. Lift your legs up 45 degrees, and displaces them relative to each other - criss-cross.

- Starting position - lying on his right side. Raise and lower left leg. Then flip and repeat with the right foot.

- Starting position - lying on his left side, his left leg bent in front of you, the right bent at the knee and laid back. Right foot forward and get to translate his knee to the floor in front of him. Repeat with the left leg.

The basic dance exercises

Exercise 1.   Put your feet together, toes forward, knees prisognuty. Thigh runs smoothly upwards. The torso is fixed, move only the hip. Alternating movements left and right hip.

Exercise 2. Knees slightly prisognuty. Cutting torsovyh muscles tightened up back hip forward, then to the right up, back up and left up. Alternating movements left and right hip. Movement joined smoothly, without jerks. The result is a circle. The torso is fixed, move only the hip.

Exercise 3.   Body weight shifted to one leg that is on full foot. The other leg on the toe. Lift the thigh while pulling it up. The knees of both legs prisognuty. Reset - returning the hips to the starting position. When you hit the hip movement should be smooth. During the execution of movement the head remains at the same level, and the level of the knees is not changed.

Exercise 4. Put your feet together, toes forward, knees prisognuty. Take a step and pull the thigh up. Take a step with the other foot, and also tighten the other hip.

Exercise 5. Feet on the width of the pelvis, arms parallel to the floor, palms up, slightly bent at the elbows. We transfer the body weight from foot to foot.

Exercise 6.   Put your feet together, toes forward, knees prisognuty. When the fixed body, arms and legs shaking performed buttocks. Shaking should be carried out on relaxing the muscles of the buttocks. Remain still and knees the body.

Exercise 7. Put your feet together, toes forward, knees prisognuty. The hips rotate as if around an imaginary vertical axis passing along the spine. Hips are moving right and left turns. The torso is fixed, move only the hip.

Exercise 8.   The head extends sideways, left and right turns, without jerks and voltage.

Exercise 9. Reliance on both legs, shoulders parallel to the floor. Carrying the shoulder rotation, we describe a vertical circle in turn one and then the other arm. Exercise can prdolzhit. Gently rotate the forearms at a time, first - forward, then - back.

Exercise 10. In the retracted stomach cough. You can put your hand on your diaphragm and feel how it works.

Exercise 11. On the belly breath is drawn, Breath inflated. You can alternate between the stomach and the diaphragm movement.

Uprazhnente 12. Feet shoulder width apart, knees relaxed, chest pulled up. Hands are relaxed. Pull belly deep. Hold the stomach in as long as you can. Then, greatly weaken it. Repeat this exercise several times a day.

Important! Feel emancipation in dance - the most difficult, but it can be achieved if configured properly.

If you are at home:

- Try to convince the home not to distract you.

- Is no less than one hour.

- Sport should be regular.

- Engage in a comfortable suit that will not hamper movements.

Eastern dancer, skillfully combining their dance form and content of the state, is able to rivet the attention of the entire room. Dance becomes a pleasure for the most wonderful performer and exotic spectacle for the audience.
Author: Inna Sedykh