Bindi - "the stones on the skin"
 Bindi - a perfect decoration for the face and body.

Bindi has spread through the world of mysterious India. In this country, to adorn themselves with shiny stones there is a very long time. On the wedding day, Indian women are currently stuck in the middle of the forehead red stone that brings happiness in marriage. Furthermore, it is considered a symbol of a physical association of floors. The red dot on her forehead symbolized the 'third eye', that is the human mind, the relationship between our reality and other worlds. The red dot was to protect its wearer from harm, disease, etc.

In ancient times, women are not decorated their foreheads and men. The paint contains oil of sandalwood and ashes. The woman, whose forehead adorned with a red dot, symbolizing good luck and the rising sun. Now bindi is a very common ornament of women around the world, and not necessarily red, and the form can not be round. Found, triangular, oval, arc, etc. Virtuoso craftsmen create beautiful compositions bindi with rhinestones or jewels, silk or feathers. In principle, be used to create a pattern can be anything you want.

In recent years, girls and women prefer adhesive bindi. Such decorations are easy to use, and can "try on". Adhesive bindi can be of different colors and sizes, have the shape of butterflies, flowers and animals.

Equally popular and drawing bindi. For their drawing pencils used for tattoo, waterproof markers, henna paste.

Next you need to choose the right place for Bindi, that it was adorned, but does not look defiant.

It is easiest to use self-adhesive rhinestones, while special adhesive you do not need, and the procedure is simplified. But after repeated use adhesive on the basis of rhinestones erased. If you want to create a pattern of elements without adhesive backing, you can use glue or adhesive dressing room for attaching artificial eyelashes.

If not at hand paste, you can use a regular foil. The main thing that pattern did not seem too intrusive: first of all, it must conform to your image, as well as the situation. It is necessary that bindi harmoniously fit into your image and match with your clothes and make-up.

Bindi can be made very small, and a large and luxurious, combining henna tattoo with crystals, stones, and a foil.

Council.   Before gluing pebble need to carefully prepare the skin. It is best to use the peeling means, that is, to make peeling. Then the surface must be degreased alcoholic solution. And only then to dry skin paste bindi. If measures are not undertaken the preparation of leather, jewelry very quickly stick out.

Color bindi

Colors bindi must conform not only to clothes and makeup, but also your emotional mood.

Blue or green   - More or less official events

Red color   - Romantic private meetings

Yellow, ocher or brown - Perfect for the beach and tanned skin.

Black color   - To emphasize the elegance and aristocratic your image.

When creating compositions can use different combinations of colors. But you need to pick them very carefully.

Bindi Forehead

The traditional place for bindi on her face - forehead. But we must be careful when choosing the form of jewelry items. The narrow, oval face bindi make visually more narrow and round - a round. Incidentally, in India, women carefully selected (and selected) Bindi the shape and complexion. Therefore, before finally opt for one form or another, try different models. Just stand in front of the mirror and eyeliner mark the contours of the bindi. Such exotic decoration give vaschemu image of sexuality and oriental flavor.

Bindi cheek

Very cute looks small bindi on her cheeks. It can be colored small stone in the shape of a heart or flower. It all depends on your imagination.

Bindi Eye

With bindi can highlight the contours of the eyes and eyebrows. Small crystals can stick in the corners of the eyes or on the upper edge of the eyebrow. You can lay out an arc along the lashes as a chain of one-color or multi-colored small pebbles.

Bindi polish

Bindi polish - very beautiful and varied. Often this crescents of colored crystals and stones, or small figurines that are fun flirting on the nails of fingers and toes.

Bindi for hands and feet

Bindi on the ankle or wrist will flirty addition to your outfit. Such decorations can take the form of a anklet or a bold decision - imitation lace elastic stocking. Bindi in the form of a bracelet made of rhinestones oblong or pointed shape, but you can make a "deposit" of small stones.

Council. Bindi on one leg looks better and more effective than two.

The same can be done bracelet on his wrist. On the fingers look very impressive ring-shaped bindi. Such decoration is best done only on the hands, as the foot paste will not last long, as if you're good at it either stuck.

Very bold and bright necklace will look like an imitation. Apply a special pencil drawing for tattoo and stones are glued on top.

Bindi around the navel

Bindi around the navel - a magnificent decoration. It looks great on tanned skin. First of all, it should defat the skin. You can wash it with soap or an alcohol wipe lotion. Then apply the adhesive rhinestones. There is preferably to use large and as follows, they stick.

Bindi - it's a great alternative to piercing. You can decorate the navel, nose, lips and eyebrows, avoiding a long and painful piercing healing process. But to think of the composition should be very careful, because you hardly vyzyvayushee bindi decorate. Decoration on the skin attracts the views of others, focusing on their attention, so it is best to put your design first invented by a sheet of paper and see how will be combined with each other selected items. If you are unable to create a harmonious composition, and the effect is far from the expected, it is better to change everything, if you have time, or postpone until the next time if no time.

Bindi can distinguish you from the crowd crowded and create a unique image. Easy application will allow for a few seconds to change your appearance to complement the makeup. A variety of patterns, colors and sizes to satisfy even the most capricious fashionistas.
Author: Inna Sedykh