Coconut oil - the secret of the beauty of Indian women
 In order to achieve harmony of body and soul, in India since time immemorial use different fragrant oils and essences. So why not take advantage of the centuries-old wisdom?

INDIAN always been famous for luxurious hair and good skin,
beautiful, tanned, radiant. The secret to beauty is to use care is natural coconut oil. It is considered one of the most ancient medicines from plants in the world. Four thousand years ago, the Indian healers knew about the benefits of coconut oil for human health. And now, scientists continue to discover its new useful properties.

Coconut oil strengthens and nourishes hair and makes them shine. It gives the pomp and glitter dry and exhausted by wind, sun, sea, common stains and chemical zavivok hair. Strengthens, it gives them the beauty and softness. Coconut oil is easily washed off, perfectly it shows itself in the use of funds to improve the quality of tanning to prevent burns and sunburn and long preservation of its consolidation. It is an ideal means of protecting the hair during the holiday season, when it is applied to the sun and sea bathing. Coconut oil is an excellent means of fixing the colors and giving radiant beauty hair after dyeing with henna and basma. It is used as a mask - from 20 minutes to 3 hours, then washed with shampoo. After washing off the leaves no traces.

Coconut oil consists of triglycerides and mid, medium saturated fatty acids, so absorbed very quickly, wonderful moisturizing and gives the skin a velvety. In particular, lauric acid, a negative effect on various pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses. Also in coconut oil contains capric acid (7% of the fatty acid composition), which stimulates the antimicrobial activity.

Coconut oil reduces protein loss of hair during washing. A layer of oil on the hair protects the fibers from swelling and damage -during toweling and scratching.

Cleopatra bath

Everyone knows about the wonderful milk baths of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Much has been written about the miraculous properties of milk ass, who used Egyptian beauties. However, few people know that milk Cleopatra has added coconut oil, and this combination makes her skin soft and velvety.

Home Recipes

Pour two tablespoons of pure coconut oil in a glass bowl, and then put it on for 10 minutes in a water bath until the oil heats up. Rub the oil in the head on hair partings, from root to tip until the process each strand. Use your fingertips to massage your head in a circular motion. Leave the oil at least an hour (or overnight to enhance the therapeutic effect) and then rinse shampoo.
Author: Inna Sedykh