Riddle "heavenly lily"
 Lotus since ancient times used in cosmetics east, it has soothing, intensively moisturizing and soothing effects, strengthens skin cells.

In some Asian countries, most adherents of different religions for thousands of years was revered as a sacred lotus flower. In ancient Egypt, the lotus is also revered as a sacred plant. He was dedicated to the goddess Isis and the fertility god of the sun. Flower and lotus buds were beaten out on Egyptian coins, decorated with the image of his column Egyptian palaces and temples, which were based on the lotus leaves, and at the top - a bunch of stems with flowers and buds. Besides white lotus found in the Nile Valley and Blue Nile has the lotus, which the Egyptians called the "heavenly lily", as in Tibet, India and Mongolia are growing even bright red lotuses.

The ancient Hindus were our Earth like a giant lotus blossomed on the surface of water. Numerous Indian gods are portrayed standing or sitting on a lotus flower or lotus in her hand.

In China, the lotus called "heavenly lily," and he is also revered as a sacred plant. Image lotus plays an important role in Chinese Buddhist art, particularly in painting: in the western sky ancient Chinese artists painted necessarily Lotus Lake. Lotus growing on the lake, in their opinion, dealt with the soul of a deceased person. Depending on the extent of the virtuous man, in this life lotus flowers bloomed and withered. From Egypt, India and China, and the symbolism of the lotus has penetrated into other countries.

Since ancient times, the lotus is known as a very valuable medicinal plant. All parts of the lotus are widely used in the Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Tibetan medicine. In China, lotus seeds are part of more than 200 products. In China, for example, the nobles and courtiers beauties Chinese women spend a fortune to get a pure white lotus and using drugs, made from the wonderful plants to maintain youth and beauty.

In our time in the lotus were found a variety of biologically active substances:

- Flavonoids (found in leaves and flowers);

- Leykoantotsianiliny (found in the leaves);

- Alkaloids (in leaves);

- Starch (rhizomes);

- Resin (rhizomes);

- Tannins (also in rhizomes);

- Nelyumbin (in stalks and sprouts) - a poisonous substance!

- Rubber (all parts of the plant);

- Vitamin C (in all parts of the plant).

The Active Beauty Industry lotus extract is used in cosmetics as a source of flavonoids, alkaloids and vitamins of group B.

Dry lotus extract

Lotus extract from ancient times used in eastern cosmetics. Lotus has a soothing, intensively moisturizing and soothing effects, strengthens skin cells. Dry lotus extract - a brown powder with a grassy smell of leaves and lotus flowers. Dried flowers and leaves are ground, extracted with water, then the extract is purified, concentrated and dried.

The main active ingredients of the extract of lotus - it flavonoids (quercetin, izokvertsetin, nelumbozid et al.), Leykoantotsianidy (leykotsianidin, leykodelfinidin) contains alkaloids (nutsefirin), as well as organic acids, carbohydrates, peptides, fats.

In the cosmetics used for skin whitening, get rid of dots and spots on the skin caused by subcutaneous petechiae and other bleeding, as well as a component of a cleansing, stimulating and refreshing action.

Essential oil lotus

Oil lotus is considered sacred in India. Lotus oil clears the mind, helps to selfless love and prosperity, opens the heart chakra. It is considered a favorite of the goddess Lakshmi oil - giver of abundance. This is a very rare and expensive oil, and it is valued very highly.

Essential oils are obtained from seeds and rhizomes of the lotus, and from the flowers that give a refined, delicate flavor. Lotus oil works wonders with any skin. It has a moisturizing, cleansing, stimulating, refreshing and smoothing effect. The oil gives the skin elasticity and tone, restores the elasticity of the skin. It promotes regeneration of skin cells. Effectively soothes sensitive skin, has a healing effect on irritated: reduces inflammation, has a strong astringent action reduces itching. Copes well with the problems of oily and combination skin, eliminates acne, tightens pores. Effectively slows down the signs of aging of the skin, thanks to its stimulating and toning effect on the skin turgor.

Fragrance Lotus awakens consciousness and plunges him into silence, promoting meditation and awakening of higher abilities. Lotus oil clears the mind, helps to selfless love and prosperity. Lotus oil - a great relaxant. It effectively helps fight depression and stress. It has strong sedative effect.

Lotus "in the tube"

- Cream-shower gel "Green tea and lotus flower" by Timotei. Specially developed formula cream-gel contains green tea, which is known for its antioxidant properties and the extract of the lotus flower, which has a cooling and calming effect.

- Shower gel with loofah "Lotus and Bamboo" from Mary Kay.   The combination of natural ingredients and exfoliants (passion fruit extract, an extract of blue lotus) is a mixture of herbal products that contribute to the smoothness of the skin, invigorating and refreshing it: it consists of small particles of natural fiber loofah, mineral-rich powder and bamboo seeds kiwi.

  - Nourishing Body Lotion "Lotus and Bamboo" from Mary Kay. Extracts of plants (passionflower extract, an extract of blue lotus), rich in antioxidants protect the skin, protect it from environmental stress. Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil, which are also part of the funds, smoothes the skin form a mixture that gives cells the nutrients and protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

- Facial Toner Lotus & Jade Facial Toner by MEILUNNA.   Tonic, thanks jade powder, lotus extracts, ginseng, peony tones actively supports the skin's natural moisture, accelerates the absorption of nutrients by cells of the epidermis, has a regenerating effect, making the skin smooth and soft. It is a means of self-care for skin and perfect base for cream.

- Cleansing Lotion Lotus & Jade Cleansing Lotion by MEILUNNA.   Lotion (jade powder, lotus extract, chamomile, aloe) gently cleanses the face and eyelids, removes impurities and makeup residues. It does not violate the level of acidity of the skin, making it clean and prepared for further care. As a result, the skin becomes fresh, supple and prepared for further care.

- Tone Cream Emotion Anti-Stress Make Up for sensitive skin with extracts of lotus flowers from Emotion Make-up. East cocktail of essential oils, vitamins and moisturizing agents instantly soothe irritated skin and keep it healthy look in any emotional situation during the day. Lotus flower extract soothes the skin, vitamin E, and the mineral UVA / UVB filters prevent skin aging caused by the sun and protected from the harmful effects of free radicals. Silk and gentle cream Emotion Anti-Stress Make Up cares about your beauty all day, giving the skin a soft, velvety texture and a wonderful feeling of freshness and health. Emotion Anti-Stress Make Up has a stable texture and soft powdery effect. Active ingredients: lotus extract (soothing experience stress, irritated skin), vitamin E (protects and cares for the skin), mineral protection UVA / UVB (prevents skin aging caused by light).

And finally, a bit of magic lotus

In ancient Egypt, the oil-based Lotus was used in love magic. There was a way to make themselves more attractive, charming and beautiful: it was necessary buttered lotus three points behind the ears and in the middle of the forehead. Thus, we get almost an equilateral triangle, a converted tip up, which has always been considered a good sign. This "use" Lotus explained by the fact that "the heavenly lily" - a strong female aphrodisiac, increases the attractiveness of women to men and causing sexual desire. As an "antidote" to remove the love spell using lotus seeds.

Also in the East, it was believed that if worn on the body or with any part of the lotus constantly, it will bring you the blessings of the gods and happiness.
Author: Inna Sedykh