SPA-care Secrets from Indonesia
 The European idea, plus the Asian incarnation of using ancient knowledge to improve and restore body and soul - the key to the phenomenal success of the Indonesian SPA-centers.

Initially, under the SPA (Sanitas Pro Aqua - health through water) is understood European resort, which offers treatments based on the healing properties of hot springs, mineral and sea water. The first SPA-center built "on the water" in France, Italy and the Czech Republic.

In recent years the world, living in a mad rhythm of modern life, embraced the real SPA-boom, and experts predict, will last for many years, as modern people are more eager to clean up not only the body but also the soul.

Traditional SPA-procedures   - A set of different procedures, aimed at optimizing the physical, mental, emotional and mental state of the person. "Right» SPA-salons have their own concept and philosophy and a different look and solve the same problem in different ways. The best SPA-salons harmony interior, climate, smells, sounds, music, food and drinks. Now, SPA-salons and centers are very popular in all parts of the globe. However, adopting the experience of European, Asian SPA left far behind its European competitors.

SPA-Interesting facts

-   Seawater - the most mineral-rich water in the world. The ideal temperature of sea water for water treatment - 32-34 degrees. The composition of sea water is very similar to the composition of human blood. In addition, sea water contains a complex of antibiotics.

-   1 kg of seaweed contains as much iodine as 10,000 liters of seawater. The properties of seawater algae and help keep the body's phosphorus and calcium, which is very important for women.

For Indonesia, the Western idea and philosophy of SPA-care perfectly natural fit in the cosmetic traditions of this country. Indonesian SPA-salons adopted and combined in its conception ancient natural ingredients and methods, inherited from one of the most mysterious civilizations of the region and are part of the Indonesian culture.

Indonesia ranked second in the world in terms of quantity and quality of SPA-salons. The concept and philosophy of the Indonesian SPA is deeply rooted in traditional oriental idea of ​​the harmony of body and spirit, and of the close connection between the appearance and relationships with the outside world. Any procedure, any manipulation is not only an elaborate set of movements and cosmetics, but also a ritual of initiation to the beauty and establish harmony with the outside world, which takes place among the fragrance of flowers on a background of birdsong or the sound of the ocean surf. In addition, the water - a fundamental principle of philosophy SPA - an integral part of daily life for Indonesians, the premium bath before prayer service a few times a day to the ritual cleansing of the temple artifacts seawater from the water sprinkling ritual sacrifice sanctification of daily offerings to the house.

Secrets SPA capital in Asia - the Indonesian island of Bali

-   Traditional Balinese massage - is a massage that involves deep muscle with long strokes to bring negative energy and toxins. The Balinese believe that the wind can enter the muscles and create tension and spasms, and should be zamassirovan or "wiped" out to relax.

- Balinese farmers created Boreh, means to raise the tone, after a long and hard day under the hot tropical sun natural way, using local herbs and spices. The combination of cloves and cinnamon, mixed into a paste, eases back pain, relaxes muscles, relieves inflammation of the joints.

- Javanese Lulur a remedy commonly used bride before the wedding, to exfoliate her skin, soften and make it fragrant. Tumeric, a spice from the root, used in Lulur, has great healing properties.

- For centuries, women have used natural Indonesian herbal infusions, creams, and in particular oil, in order to become more beautiful and improve health. These drugs, called jamu, created from thousands of plants from the rainforests of Indonesia.

SPA - the harmony of body and soul, the smell of fragrant flowers, freshness morning purity. SPA - it's a new birth and the interior illumination.
Author: Inna Sedykh