If the leave is not given in the summer ...
 From time to time each of us is not summer vacation falls. Someone is upset due to the fact that he had lost in the river swimming or sunbathing on the beach, summer days in the country or in the village. And someone will be glad release, for example, in October.

There is no longer the sweltering heat, but also cold yet. But the air is cleaner than in summer, and a lot of options to spend a vacation, and with benefit and pleasure. For example, go for a walk outside the city, in the forest or a walk in the park. One hour of walking for a month strengthen the immune system, help become leaner and significantly improve the complexion.

A positive impact on health and beauty, and cycling.

Sun in autumn months will not harm your skin, so you can sunbathe on a closed loggia and even in the room, stretched out on the mat, as do domestic cats. And they who certainly know a lot about solar baths.

10 minutes of the indoor tanning helps the body to develop the necessary amount of vitamin D.

They say that no bath is no substitute for the sea ... Maybe so. But the bath can bring many benefits. And if you have time, why not follow a policy of improving and enhancing the appearance of bathrooms.

In order to take a bath, have similar properties to marine procedures need to buy sea salt and dissolve it according to instructions. However, experts warn that such baths are healing and need to consult with your doctor.

 If the leave is not given in the summer ...

But you can safely take baths from ordinary salt.

Bath rejuvenating

Boil 2 tbsp. spoons of rose petals 1 liter of water, leave for 30 minutes, strain, pour into the tub and add a handful of common salt. It is soluble and take 15 minutes. The water temperature should not exceed 38C.

If there is no rose petals in the bath, you can add 2-3 drops (no more!) Of essential rose oil.

For the matte leather

Boil a handful of dried mint 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 40 minutes, strain, pour into the tub, add a handful of salt.

In order to strengthen the skin

Pour into a 1 liter tub brewing black tea and add salt.

To make the skin smooth and silky

Dissolve in 1 liter of cold water, 4 tbsp. tablespoons potato starch and pour into the tub.

When irritable skin

4 tbsp. spoons of calendula flowers brew 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 50 minutes, strain, pour into the tub.

Baths take 2-3 times a week for a month.

In pharmacies sold ready bath salt, but it is probably just a pleasure.

The holiday can also visit doctors. For example, to undergo medical examinations and ensure that health is all right.

Scientists say that a visit to museums, exhibitions and art galleries relieves depression. A good-quality reading books, such as classics, is the prevention of atherosclerosis.

And, of course, during the holidays is to arrange a spa salon at home and go to work is much prettier and rejuvenated.

 If the leave is not given in the summer ...

Infusion for washing

Mix 1 tbsp. tablespoons herb St. John's wort, nettle leaves, linden flowers and chamomile, mix well.

Brew in a thermos 1 tbsp. of the mixture for 6 hours. Strain, cool and use instead of washing in the morning and evening.

For added effect, you can moisten the folded in several layers of cheesecloth and leave for half an hour. As drying wet gauze in the infusion again.

Mask Purifying and rejuvenating

Grind to a coffee grinder oat flakes. Clear 1 peach, peel and remove the bone, chop and grind the pulp with 1 tbsp. spoonful of oatmeal, add the cream until creamy mass, thickly applied to the face for 20 minutes.

Rinse with cold water.

Toning Mask

Clear red peppers from the seeds, remove the stem and scroll through a meat grinder, add 1 teaspoon of honey and as much boiled water to get the consistency of thick cream is not. Apply on face for 15-20 minutes, rinse with water at room temperature.

To achieve the effect masks do 2-3 times a week for a month.

Mask moisturizing and anti-aging

A handful of peppermint leaves to chop the blender, add 1 tbsp. spoonful of soft cheese and 1 teaspoon of honey and grind well and apply on face for 15 minutes.

Wash off with chilled mint broth.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva