The best resources of nature in every drop of honey
 In mid-summer, the stores and markets appear honey. This is a wonderful folk remedy since ancient times used for the prevention and treatment of diseases. In particular, it helps prevent anemia (anemia), and relieves insomnia and headache.

Thus, we women should at the earliest opportunity to stock up on this valuable product that will give your skin a natural glow and charming allow to remain alert and cheerful every day.

But before we go into the market, offer the right choice.

Clear Acacia honey   and much like in appearance and taste. That it is used for insomnia, gastro-intestinal diseases, and as a fortifying agent. By the way, it is recommended for children at a dietary food. Accordingly, this honey can be used even with a strict diet.

Buckwheat honey   is distinguished by its characteristic dark red or brown. It contains large amounts of vitamins, iron and valuable amino acids. Therefore, this honey is recommended for increasing hemoglobin, as well as beriberi, rheumatism and other diseases.

 The best resources of nature in every drop of honey
   The special also features exquisite taste Sunflower honey   in the liquid state. But he quickly crystallizes and loses flavor. However, this grade is in demand as an inexpensive and high-quality product and a bactericidal as a folk remedy to prevent and treat heart disease and respiratory tract.

  Linden honey   - The best helper of a sore throat and other cold and gynecological diseases. Besides, it is used for the disinfection of wounds and burns.

Restore power, strengthen the immune system and learn to enjoy every day of the summer will also help Heather honey Nectar for bees is collected at ecologically clean areas, and various kinds of Flower   and field honey   - The real nature of vitamins and trace elements.

 The best resources of nature in every drop of honey
 The use of honey in cosmetics
Good to know that honey is actively used to strengthen the hair, to improve the tone and improve skin for obёrtyvaniyay and relaxing baths. Let us examine more particularly the use of honey in cosmetology.

Honey facials
Masks on the basis of different types of honey have a stimulating effect, smooth wrinkles, return the natural glow and freshness making the skin more elastic (which is especially important for dry and aging skin). For example, women have long used these recipes:

- Honey-lemon mask   (1/4 cup of honey mixed with the juice of half a lemon and apply 2-3 coats).

- Honey and milk   - Honey mixed in equal proportions with milk, sour cream or cream. This mask gives a brightening effect.

 The best resources of nature in every drop of honey
   - Honey mask with birch sap   (components are also mixed in equal proportions).

- Honey-glycerine   (in such a mask structure includes 1 h. l. honey, glycerin, flour, 3 parts. l. water). It cleanses the skin and gives it a healthy look.

- Yolk-honey   (proportion - 1 hour. l. honey 1 egg yolk). This mask is the best for irritable and flaky skin.

- Honey-yolk-oil   (part of this mask, unlike the previous one, is also 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oils). It is the most optimal degreasing of the skin to combat wrinkles.

- Protein Honey   (for this you will need a mask for 1 hour. l. honey, 1 tbsp. l. flour and whipped to a froth protein 1 egg). It can be a wonderful tonic and nutritious means for sagging and wrinkled skin.

Means for care for your hands
For moisturizing, toning and refreshing the skin of hands is used:

- Softening honey and glycerin composition   (except honey and glycerin and water are also included here ammonia);

- honey and herb cream   (based on calendula, chamomile, plantain and train and butter). Regular use of this cream for hand care will keep the softness and elasticity of the skin;

- To make the skin soft and supple and perfectly Honey Mask   with egg yolk and rastёrtoy oatmeal.

- a mixture of honey, almond oil and salicylic acid   used to combat acne and skin from peeling.

Strengthening and hair treatment
- To soften the hair is recommended in infusion pharmacy chamomile (chamomile 30 g per 100 ml of water), add 1 ch. L. honey and regularly wet the head this lotion.

- Honey combined with grated onion is used to strengthen the hair (such a mixture is rubbed into the scalp).

- The mask of honey and oak bark is used for the prevention and treatment of seborrhea and increased hair growth.

- A hair loss is recommended to rub honey without any additives into the scalp (by the way, the therapeutic effect occur faster if taken at the same time inside the honey diluted with water).

"Honey," care of the figure
It should also say a few words about the effectiveness of honey body wraps and massages. Such procedures not only improve the skin condition, but also help get rid of cellulite, cleanse the body of salt, toxins, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the power of the internal organs and metabolism.

 The best resources of nature in every drop of honey
 "Sweet" stress management
Finally I want to say that the addition of a few drops of honey into the bathroom while bathing better than any exotic foams help to soften the skin, relax, relieve fatigue and stress, ward off sad thoughts.

And if diluted with milk and honey pink (or lavender) oil, it is also possible to smooth and tone the skin effectively.
Author: Alla Pilipenko