The blessed olive tree
 It is difficult to name another plant in the world, it deserves this recognition, love and worship as the olive. Different people attributed the tree of divine origin. In Greece, it is called the "olive tree". From ancient times, the olive is the people. In Greek legend, the goddess of wisdom, Athena made people such an invaluable gift won in a contest among the gods on the most useful gift. In Christianity, with Olive Contact healing body and soul.

In dry and hot climate of the subtropics, on the rocky slopes of the mountains, this plant likes to grow a long-living, because age individual trees up to a thousand years. Low, with strong sinuous trunks, olive trees, give the specific beauty of the mountain slopes. Their leaves, silver on one side and dark green - on the other do not fall or winter or summer. Grow olives all over the south of Europe, as well as in Central Asia and North Africa.

  Italy, Spain, Greece - go from here worldwide capacity on this bright, slightly greenish and slightly bitter butter, derived from the fruit of the olive tree. In ancient times in Rome - the olive branch was a symbol of peace, labor, and fertility. Olive oil was used for lamps, used in food, anoint the body and hair, used as a drug.

  It seems over the past century, almost nothing has changed, except as an combustible liquid now, nobody will use it Wizard Oil, as for this purpose there are cheaper funds .  And all the other ways to use olive oil are relevant today, and even more broadly, because recently opened its new useful properties .  Scientists have long noticed that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean less likely to suffer from heart disease, cancer, disease, sclerosis - in part due to the large and the constant eating olives and olive oil .  All, perhaps, know the famous Greek salads, and none of the recipes is not without such components .  Secret improving effect of olive oil is that this type of fruit contains fatty acids (unsaturated acid) that lower the level of harmful cholesterol without affecting the contents of its useful species .  As a result, the body maintain a normal balance vital elements .  Olive oil is very beneficial for our digestive system .  It enhances the activity of the stomach, intestines, pancreas and liver, promotes healing of ulcers of the stomach and duodenum .  It is said that a dozen olives before the meal - the best prevention of gastric ulcers .  Oil has a mild laxative effect .  For gentle cleansing of the body is recommended to start the day with a spoon of olive oil and, if consistently follow this advice, the need for periodic, frankly, is not very pleasant, cleansing the liver will disappear altogether .  Other vegetable oils also very useful, but none of them are not digested as completely as olive .  Scientists have found that sunflower oil is absorbed by 83%, peanut - 81%, corn - 36%, and the olive - almost 100% . 

High-quality olive oil is not only a valuable cooking ingredient, but and a great cosmetic. Even in ancient times, it was noted that the constant use of olive oil prevents aging of the organism. Due to the content of vitamin E and antioxidants, it really hinders wilt cells, which is especially important for women wishing to prolong their youth and permanently preserve the beauty.

In addition to ingestion, olive oil will bring a lot of benefits when applied topically. It is great for dry and sensitive skin, softening it and preventing the loss of cell moisture. The oil also has a rejuvenating effect, smooths wrinkles and prevents their appearance. And that is also very important, according to recent research by Japanese scientists, skin treatment with olive oil after sunbathing significantly reduces risk of skin cancer. Olive oil has anti-cancer properties, due to high content of natural antioxidants. And, in light of recent cautions physicians against hobbies sunbathing, when the ozone layer becomes thinner and much ultraviolet radiation is danger for our skin and health, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of this discovery.

 The blessed olive tree
 Widely used in olive oil and finished cosmetic products, there is even a whole line of tools based on it, and there is even more beautiful recipes for his home use.

For example, in the home can be prepared soothing mask for sensitive skin : Mix half a banana and chopped cucumber finely and add 2 tablespoons olive oil put on your skin. After half an hour rinse with cool water. Dry hair is useful Mask of olive and almond oils, and body - massage with olive oil 20 minutes before a shower or bath.

To improve color   useful once a week do olive mask. 1 teaspoon of cosmetic clay is dissolved in clean water, then mix with 1 tbsp. olive oil, put on your skin. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

For the nails and skin of hands advised to make warm baths of olive oil.

How to choose a really quality and healthy oil? The best and most expensive - Ehtra Virgin. This unrefined oil manufacturing, usually at the beginning of the season of harvest of olives without heat treatment, it has a greenish color and bitter taste. This oil is ideal for use in food in cold and for cosmetic purposes because it contains polyphenols, which determine the therapeutic properties of the product, and the slight bitterness - a sign of good quality. So apply it to health, and recipes, and as a means of prevention, and how amazing cosmetic.
Author: Olga Travleeva