A relative of orchids ... vanilla
 Vanilla - the only plant of the orchid family, whose fruit is edible. But vanilla - is not only delicious buns, but the beauty of women, the attraction passion.

Many historic figures used vanilla as the most powerful aphrodisiac, magnified attraction. For example, say that Madame de Pompadour Vanilla is kindled fire of love.

Vanilla scented -Vanilla planifolia Andr - evergreen, herbaceous perennial vine of the orchid family with a strong stem. This orchid up the trunks of trees to the top, being fixed aerial roots. Blossoms Vanilla large greenish-yellow flowers that are pollinated by native local butterflies and hummingbirds.

Homeland vanilla First of all, Mexico, where she was taken by the Spanish conquistadors, to a half-century from Spain to spread around the world. Now there are whole plantations of vanilla in Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Java, In Sri Lanka, Madagascar and East Africa.

High-quality vanilla sticks There are dark, supple, oily and soft, covered with a touch of white crystals of vanillin. They become so after a special, rather complicated processing. The bright and brittle pods speak about the poor quality and improper handling.

In the vanilla pods contain: bitterness, sugar, fat, resin, mucilage, tannins, enzymes ...

 A relative of orchids ... vanilla

If stored properly vanilla flavor can saved 30 or 40 years.

Our vanilla is ground with sugar or insist on vodka. In India vanilla pods is boiled in milk, and then used in cooking. Initially, vanilla flavored cocoa just now added in cakes and various desserts, including wine.

Official medicine perfumes her some medicine.

Vanilla is used in folk medicine . So in the XVIII century vanilla treated gastric ulcer and was used as an antidote. Aborigines are treated with vanilla fever, chills, cough, sore throat, rheumatism.

Proved impact on the mental state of vanilla man, and especially vanilla favorable to women, helping them to get rid of depression, reduce nervous stress, improve mood, self-confidence.

Vanilla as well as and chocolate helps produce hormones joy. But its most valuable property, probably lies in the fact that it reduces cravings for sweets. For those who lose weight, but can not give up the sweet, quite a drop of oil 1 vanilla dessert or cake, so there was a rapid saturation.

Just bear in mind that vanillin is sold in powder - not vanilla, and the artificial compound.

Vanilla can make yourself or buy at the pharmacy vanillic oil. The essential oil of vanilla is added to the creams, shampoos, gels. Perfumers love vanilla not less than the chef, adding to their line of perfume-sweet spicy notes of vanilla.

Vanilla has a tonic, antiseptic, moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging properties.

 A relative of orchids ... vanilla
   - Oil is used vanilla 1-2 drops in a base to give skin   smoothness, elasticity, get rid of the rash, black dots.

- If you regularly add the oil in a night cream vanilla, then You can permanently save your skin in good condition.

- Hair   rinsed in water for flavor close to body temperature, with 1-2 drops vanillyl oil in 1 liter of water. Ensure that vanilla does not get into your eyes.

- Used oil and vanilla erotic massage . Vanilla flavor helps to relax and have more fun.

- Men vanilla flavor makes it nicer, more attentive, promotes trust.

The strange thing, perhaps, is that in the vanilla flavor in a hurry, not only men but also the cats ...

The house, which often smells like vanilla, and an atmosphere of peace and love. 1 drop vanilla essential oil dripping into aromalampu to relieve stress, recover state of harmony. Vanilla flavor helps to better understand each other's parents and children, in love ... and business partners.

 A relative of orchids ... vanilla

And those women that are in search of the second half or want stronger tie to his lover, husband, standing in the closet with linen or cotton cloth to put soaked in oil vanilla or a few pods.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva