Aromatherapy: Bergamot reveal secrets
 Lush green leaves and tiny white, like an asterisk, flowers cover bergamot tree branches that can reach a height of sixteen feet. Ripen pear on it yellow fruit, slightly less than the size of an orange, which are called bergamot pear. Bergamot tree - the result of interbreeding lemon and bitter orange tree.

ChOdin of the family Rutaceae, bergamot grows in tropical Asia. Farmers in most of the countries involved cultivation of this tree had almost no commercial success. Today bergamot grows on the shores of ivory in Africa, in the Italian region of Calabria and Sicily.

Squeezing the peel of sour green fruit, you get a pale emerald green oil. It has a floral lemon-orange flavor with a touch of fragrant sweet tinge. Oil is of the highest quality that is squeezed by hand. The rind of bergamot fruit in 1000 yields about 900ml oil.

Beneficial features

Antiseptic bergamot oil make it useful in the treatment of acne and skin infections .  Its astringent properties help regulate the excessive oil and grease on the skin and the head .  Deodorizing action helps to refresh the body, your home or office .  Oil Bergamot deters insects and soothes the skin after bites .  Along with neroli, orange and rosemary, bergamot is an integral part of the perfume .  Modern perfumers for its value bergamot fruity floral bouquet that passed their creations .  His oil refreshes and invigorates .  It promotes good emotional state, balancing the peace of mind and excitement .  Research by Italian scientists have shown that oil of bergamot reduces the feeling of fear and anxiety, reduces depression, sadness and anger .  Equalization of emotions going on, thanks to the activity of the hypothalamus .  Odor bergamot oil to stabilize the psyche of the person who is in a precarious emotional state .  It evokes a feeling of happiness and joy, in addition, can raise self-esteem .  In moments of discouragement and bitterness oil of bergamot allows you to heal emotional pain and to instill or restore a sense of love .